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TONIGHT: The Weisenheimers & Magic Hassle January 29, 2009

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Whitewater Tavern tonight hosts a big ole fun Thursday show.  It’s THE WEISENHEIMERS CD release show (Part II–this time with ACTUAL CDs!)  If you like your power pop with a pinch of punk, this is the show for you.  I have it on good authority that both of the Wyres brothers were present at last night’s AC/DC show, so I’m counting on good pyrotechnics.  And short pants. 

Bonus:  opening act is MAGIC HASSLE, the side project of the David Slade/Matt Quin half of American Princes.  It’s a different direction than AP, plenty loud but without the Princes’ Wall of Guitar sound.  Get there early and check it out. 

9 or so, $5.  What else are you gonna do?  Come on out.




CHECKONETWO: A Year in Pics (Part One) December 31, 2008

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Some of CheckOneTwo’s favorite moments in music this year were (happily) documented by my little ol’ digital camera.    Here are a few for you.


Blood on the Keys (above) and MicEater (below):   Jeremy Brasher of The Moving Front


Sean Sulac of Loch Ness Monster, goin’ all one-eyed



“Evil” Mark Wyers of The Weisenheimers (above)

The patented Chicklettes snarrrl (below)



Above:  From the Matt Floyd Benefit Show (to pay off traffic tickets and let Smoke Up Johnny go on tour)


Above:  Graham Cobb of The Reds, gettin’ busy with the tambo


Above:  Josh Kerby of San Antokyo, flashing the ink


Above:  Scott Cook of Kyoto Boom (hiyaa, hiyah!!)


Above:  Epiphany throws it down at Sierra Club’s “Energy Shift” concert


Above:  Dave Raymond of Kyoto Boom at Sierra Club show


Above:  John Jeremy George & Ringo:  Jeremy Brasher (The Moving Front) at Pizza D


4×4 Crew


Maxx, @ Maxximum Impact


Miggy of Teenage Bottlerocket:  Extreme Power Stance, at Vino’s


The Moving Front, @ big ole sweaty mid-week house party on Schiller


Lorenza Harrington & Andrew Morgan of Eclipse Glasses (Ark Flag & Banner)


CheckOneTwo and some guy named Andy Rourke, from some band called THE SMITHS!! 


Ashtray Babyhead reunion show


CheckOneTwo with the one and only CHUCK D (at Philander Smith)


The Reverend works in mysterious ways, kna’mean?


Damn Bullets play the NO NEW COAL show at the State Capitol

Part two uploading soon.




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Karl in action @ Vino’s.  Photo by CheckOneTwo

NAME:Karl J.

BAND(S) YOU ARE IN:The Weisenheimers

PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS? DO TELL: I sing and play bass in the weisenheimers and i play the guitar and kind of remember the trombone a little.

DESCRIBE YOUR MUSICAL STYLE:Was is always will be punk.

HOW’D YOU GET STARTED PLAYING MUSIC?I listened to Pearl Jam’s ten (come on i gew up in the nineties!) and from there found the ramones and knew thats what i wanted to do.

FAVORITE LOCAL MUSICIAN BESIDES YOURSELF (AND WHY):Kyoto Boom because they are way better than us, San Antokyo, and hogfat

WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET RIGHT NOW?: My cell phone,marlboro mediums, and exactly two dollars cash.

YOUR FAVORITE VENUE IN LITTLE ROCK (AND WHY)? Whitewater cause that’s where the real people are.

TELL ME ABOUT THE FIRST “REAL” CONCERT YOU EVER ATTENDED: I went to see the Teen Idols, Diesel Boy and GOB at a place called the carasoul cafe in corpus christi, tx. I was about 11 or 12 at the time and i hopped in the circle pit. I was then kicked (flatfoot) square in the balls by the biggest mexican skinhead i have ever seen. The bands rocked. I left saying god i love punk rock.

HOW ABOUT THE FIRST SHOW YOU EVER DID YOURSELF? It was with my old band called the disruptives in corpus christi,tx. We played an open mic nite at the executive surf club. We made ourselves sound like we had been smoking for thirty years. We were the best band there.

BEST SOURCE FOR MUSICAL INFO? (MAG, WEBSITE, ETC): AMP (american musical press-mag) Punknews. org


YOUR THREE FAVORITE ALBUMS, ALL-TIME: Ramones- Rocket to russia, Screeching Weasel-my brain hurts, NOFX- The decline

RE YOUR MUSIC: DOES YOUR MOM LIKE IT OR NOT?: I wouldn’t say she liked it, but she thinks we’re talented and she did go to one of our shows….wierd

FUNNIEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED AT ONE OF YOUR SHOWS:I was so drunk that sean’s ex girlfriend had to hold the microphone because i kept missing it and hittiong it with my head. Other than that i always end up pissing one of the other guys in the band off.

AS A KID, WHAT’D YOU WANT TO GROW UP TO BE?: 1.Cowboy, 2. Pro Surfer,3. Pro Hockey player,4. Pro Punk Rocker

MUSICAL/LIFE ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO MY 13 YEAR OLD GUITAR FIEND SON?: Have another ambition other than music, cause you can get burnt out really fast. Other than that Fuck the critics and make sound.


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Mark Wyers @ Vino’s.  Photo by CheckOneTwo

NAME: ‘Evil’ Mark Wyers

BAND(S) YOU ARE IN: The Weisenheimers, Josh the Devil and the Sinners, Hot Rod Van, Clinton Terry’s Liquid Banjo…


DESCRIBE YOUR MUSICAL STYLE: Rock and more rock…some hillbilly

HOW’D YOU GET STARTED PLAYING MUSIC? I thought guitars were really cool when I was kid, and I got my first when I was 6

FAVORITE LOCAL MUSICIAN BESIDES YOURSELF (AND WHY): Matt Floyd. He is rock ‘n’ roll. And, he beat up Tracii Guns one time.

WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET RIGHT NOW? Certainly no money! 1 guitar pick. 1 wallet. 1 tube of chap stick. 2 glow in the dark crawfish (good luck charms)

YOUR FAVORITE VENUE IN LITTLE ROCK (AND WHY)? To play or to attend a show? I would much rather play the White Water than anywhere else. It’s homey. I love the Village as a venue because the sound is awesome and I loved to go to movies there when I was young. I also love Midtown for different reasons.

TELL ME ABOUT THE FIRST “REAL” CONCERT YOU EVER ATTENDED. Metallica in ’91 on the black album tour. I was 10. It was awesome!


BEST SOURCE FOR MUSICAL INFO? (MAG, WEBSITE, ETC) www. blabbermouth. net, www. pollstar. com and for guitar stuff, I love Vintage Guitar Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, and Premier Guitar Magazine.

WHAT DOES THIS TOWN NEED? This town needs for the masses to give a fuck about local music. We have great bands around here that are going unnoticed. Maybe that’s part of the charm…

YOUR THREE FAVORITE ALBUMS, ALL-TIME: KISS-Dressed to Kill, The Hellacopters-Grande Rock, The Sex Pistols-Never Mind the Bollocks… Ask me next week and I’ll have 3 different answers

She likes pretty much anything

FUNNIEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED AT ONE OF YOUR SHOWS: Some girl showed me her cooter over in Oklahoma once. That was strange.


MUSICAL/LIFE ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO MY 13 YEAR OLD GUITAR FIEND SON? Go for it. Guitar will get you chicks.

TONIGHT IN LOTTA ROCK September 4, 2008

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Sticky Fingerz, 9 p.m.:  J. Roddy Walston & The Business, Smoke Up Johnny, & Magic Hassle

Whitewater Tavern, 10 p.m.:  Love or Perish,  The Weisenheimers

Vino’s, 8 p.m., $5:  FRESH BLOOD NIGHT w/ A Silent Masquerade

Juanita’s, 9 p.m., $5:  Jodi McCall, Notion, and Ryan Cade

The Village, 8 p.m., $12:  Ludo, w/Sincerely September, Alert All Arms, Free Micah

Box Turtle, 5-8 p.m., free:  The Boondogs


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“Dirty Sean” Causey, at Wolfman Studios.  Photo by CheckOneTwo

NAME: Dirty Sean

BAND(S) YOU ARE IN: The Weisenheimers

PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS? DO TELL: i guess you could say i play the drums, i sit behind them at least

DESCRIBE YOUR MUSICAL STYLE: if meatloaf, david bowie, and neil diamond had an orgy that’d be my style

HOW’D YOU GET STARTED PLAYING MUSIC? i got an old piece of shit ludwig set when i was about 11 and have been pissing off neighbors ever since

FAVORITE LOCAL MUSICIAN BESIDES YOURSELF (AND WHY): probably scott cook of ashtray babyhead and kyoto boom fame, but i’m also a huge fan of kevin kerby, i like those two a lot because they give it there all everytime they get on stage

WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET RIGHT NOW? lint, and 2 cell phones, i wish i could say tons of money but that is not the case

YOUR FAVORITE VENUE IN LITTLE ROCK (AND WHY)? i LOVE white water, cause they always have a kick ass crowd, and you know with white water you’re getting people who came to see the show, you don’t get a whole lot of random people who just stumble into the joint at white water

TELL ME ABOUT THE FIRST “REAL” CONCERT YOU EVER ATTENDED. the first real concert i went to was smashing pumpkins and garbage, damn shirley manson is hot in those boots!! the music was so loud you could open your mouth and your organs would literally vibrate

HOW ABOUT THE FIRST SHOW YOU EVER DID YOURSELF? the first show i did was with josh the devil and it was just us as a two piece at blank generation, i can’t say enough good things about blank gen, if it weren’t for them i probably wouldn’t be playing music right now, there’s something about not having a stage and the kids getting close enough to knock over your mic stand that is just AWESOME!! the energy in that place was electric, plus i got to beat up a kid in the bathroom for throwing up on me (that’s a story for another time though)

BEST SOURCE FOR MUSICAL INFO? (MAG, WEBSITE, ETC) CHECKONETWO. WORDPRESS. COM easily the best, other than that i’d say the freepress back in the old days but since you only see one of those every couple months, maybe the sync or arkansas times

WHAT DOES THIS TOWN NEED? more kids to come out to the shows

YOUR THREE FAVORITE ALBUMS, ALL-TIME: in no particular order, Meatloaf: Bat out of Hell, Green Day: Dookie, Creedence Clearwater Revival: Chronicle

RE YOUR MUSIC: DOES YOUR MOM LIKE IT OR NOT? oh hell yeah, who do you think got me my first drumset

FUNNIEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED AT ONE OF YOUR SHOWS: damn now that is actually a hard question, i’d say maybe beating that kid up while i still had his vomit on me, or maybe walking out of the boathouse (a used to be venue) during the middle of us playing a song to throw up cause i’d drank too much, and then coming back in and picking right up where they were and finishing the song, weird how both my funny moments involve puke

AS A KID, WHAT’D YOU WANT TO GROW UP TO BE? a musician, or maybe some kick ass fireman that’d save a baby dog from a burning building while belting out a killer drum solo

MUSICAL/LIFE ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO MY 13 YEAR OLD GUITAR FIEND SON? DONT EVER GIVE UP, there is someone out there who will listen to what you play whether you think there is or not, and if you’re doing it for the right reasons that’s all you need

CheckOneTwo’s “5 Local Albums I’m Waiting For” List August 27, 2008

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I am not a patient man when it comes to music.  If there’s a show next week that I’m jonesin’ to see, that is the LONGEST WEEK EVER.  The last five minutes before the lights go down ooze by like frozen syrup for me.  And new music?  I am the Veruca Salt of new music.  I want it NOW, I want it RIGHT NOW, especially if I’ve seen your band out and dig your stuff.

So…why, in the name of all that is holy and sweet, am I still waiting for new albums from these local artists?  (Check out their music at the links below.)

KYOTO BOOM–Scott Cook, Dave Raymond, and Duke Boyne have blown my mind every time I’ve seen them, from beginning to end.  Love the songs a ton, and even love their cover stuff (Blue Oyster Cult?  Duran Duran!?).  80s influenced and bass-driven, but with super keys, sparkle-shredded guitar and thunder drums.  I’d play this CD all day, every day, IF THEY’D RELEASE A CD.

THE MOVING FRONT–My favorite local fellers (Jeremy Brasher, Micah Fitzhugh, Mark Lewis, Brian Rodgers), except for the fact that they’ve made me practically wear out their “S/T” disc while waiting for the new stuff to get released.  I keep hearing about an EP in the works, but that’s been pending so long that my clothes are goin’ outta style.   Am I going to have to get all Ninja like, scale a building, kidnap the master recordings, and release it myself?

THE WEISENHEIMERS:  (Sean Causey, Karle Johnson, Mark Wyers, Micah Wyers)–Perhaps it’s sloth?  Financial issues?  Perhaps it’s the demands of day jobs, wives, girlfriends, fiancees, new babies?  Or maybe they’re just seeing how many times I have to ask “So…when’s the album coming out?”  Whatever it is, I’m refusing to accept any more excuses.   Weisenheimers, if I have to put together a f*&$ing fundraiser to get this album out, I’ll do it.  Holla. 

RODNEY BLOCK & THE REAL MUSIC LOVERS:  You find these guys (Rodney Block, Oliver Thomas, Michael Chandler, and Sam Carroll) out a lot–at the AfterThought, at wedding receptions, at rooftop restaurants in Conway, etc.  Their gig list is a long one, but their CD?  Nada.  They’re unsigned, and that’s a damned crime.  This is a crazy-good mix of insane trumpet, hip-hop beats, gospel layering, and a healthy dose of jazz/funk.   I’d buy this CD for me and a bunch more to give as gifts.  GET IT OUT, WOULDJA?

SILVERTON:  My favorite 8-member folk revivalists have reportedly hung it up, due to musical differences.  Here’s to hoping it wasn’t an acrimonious split, and that they’ll get a real CD out someday.  There is a CD sampler available, so I’ll have to live with that (can’t buy it off their site, though!!)

All of the above is said with love.  And impatience.  There’s only so many times I can listen to the new Loch Ness Monster album….



WTF was that??? August 26, 2008

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CheckOneTwo ventured out last night for Thick Syrup’s Monday show at Sticky Fingerz, featuring Robert Abbott, The Weisenheimers, and Ginsu Wives.   The first two came strong, for sure (thanks for the t-shirt, Weisenheimers!), but after watching Ginsu Wives my memory of their performances are a bit muddled.

It’s hard to explain properly to one who hasn’t seen Ginsu Wives live, but I’m gonna try.  Hmm.  OK, what if you took Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, stripped him down to nothing but boxers, handed him a mic and told him to get his guttural/falsetto/Zack de la Rocha/multi-effect shriek on?  And then paired him with a beefed-up keyboardist who manages to conjure what I think it would sound like if EMF was being gang-raped by the ghost of Frank Zappa to the soundtrack of Natural Born Killers?  Then, for a final touch, throw in some guitar/bass/drum lines that give the whole thing the feel of a teenaged rhino herd rehearsing its new screamo act in your living room?

Yeah, I think that pretty much sums it up. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean I hated it.  I didn’t.  It was utterly mesmerizing.  Sideshow Bob gave it about a thousand percent, flailing his pale, nearly-naked, nearly-hairless body about the stage with the abandon of a guy trying out his new DIY Home Self-Exorcism Kit.  He seemed to be utterly without self-consciousness, a kid who got out of the shower, realized no one was home, cranked the bedroom stereo, grabbed a hairbrush/microphone and WENT AFTER IT. 

Frankly, I wasn’t ready for this to end.  Ginsu Wives…whoa.  Straight Outta Conway.

NOTES:  Robert Abbott’s CD release party for Uneventful is tonight at Counterpoint…The Weisenheimers are still planning to release their self-titled CD sometime soon (c’mon!)…Ginsu Wives are putting together a tour with most dates TBA but in Texas Oct 24 and 25, and at the Lazer Puzzy’s PUZZYWEEN COSTUME PARTY Oct 31.


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Ok, my bias is showing–I love The Weisenheimers.  The guys crack me up onstage and off, the music is great, and their drummer is CheckOneTwo’s most frequent commenter.  I try and catch ’em whenever I can.  Monday night is one of those chances–9:30 p.m., Sticky Fingerz, $4 or $5 depending on who you believe, with Ginsu Wives and Robert Abbott

Also on Monday night:

Vino’s, 7 p.m., $10:  FOR TODAY w/ xLiferuinerx & Hollywood

Why Don’t I have a Weisenheimers T-shirt? August 21, 2008

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I’ve looked all over my closet and it just ain’t there.  Dang.

Guess I’ll have to try and rectify that sartorial omission on Monday the 25th, when I go to Sticky Fingerz and see The Weisenheimers, Ginsu Wives, and Robert Abbott.  9:30 p.m., $5, part of the Thick Syrup series of Monday night shows.  

Hey fellas, what’s up with the CD that was supposed to come out a while back?  Hurry the hell up–my clothes are going outta style.