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Things happen.  People forget.  Dogs die, Grandma gets outta the yard, whatever.  No excuses this time.

Get your act together and come out this Saturday for the very 1st Arkansas Music Video Awards.  We’ve got some great clips from the past year heading your way, and some soopah music.  You like hip-hop?  Check?  Punk?  Check?  Like it a little more mellow?  Check.   You’re not down with today’s bands and rock nothing past the 90s?  We got you covered.  Look at that poster and tell me that the LRFF on Saturday night ain’t the place for the cool kids.  You can’t! 

Saturday.  Rev Room.  $10.  Awwwyeahhhh…..


Save the Date: May 17/Rev Room April 28, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Upcoming Shows.
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The local music video scene has had a banner year, what with numerous local acts A-gaming it outside the studio and bringing a sleek visual complement to their sound.  The 1st Annual Arkansas Music Video Competition was perhaps inevitable–and irresistible to those of us who witnessed the birth of MTV.

May 17th–come see the finalists on video, crown the winner, hear The Moving Front, Epiphany, and Ace Spade & The Whores of Babylon, and 607.  Plus–YEP–the triumphant return of Techno-Squid Eats Parliament. 

You’re going to be there, right?