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Your Pete Jones Update November 6, 2008

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Pete Jones, formerly of Pants and known/beloved by many here in Lotta Rock, now lives in NYC.   He said that Election Night was something to behold.

From Pete–

That’s me standing on the newspaper box. I think. Hell of a night.



UPDATE: Aunt Jemima/Mrs. Butterworth Cage Match Tonight (w/special guest “Karo”) February 11, 2008

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9 p.m. Sticky Fingerz, $4

Our friend and yours, Travis McElroy, trots out the latest installment of his Monday Thick Syrup night at Sticky Fingerz.  I’ll be there, you’ll be there, and guess who else will be there?  Yup, that’s right:  everybody else.

 This is your last chance for a while to see Everybody’s Favorite Putumayo web guy on stage.  Pete Jones is headed back to NYC and his swan song will be performed tonight, with back up from members of The Moving Front and The Contingencies (performing as the Tiny Vibrations).   We’ll miss our friend and fellow Eco-Savants kickballer and look forward to (hopefully) his frequent returns to la petit roche.

As if seeing PJ off isn’t reason enough to get off your couch, you also get a chance to make up for missing The Reds show last week.  Come on out and taunt Graham Cobb into tossing off a few pre-show Il Libretina licks.  

You still want to stay on the couch?  Still?  Ok, sheesh, try this:  MAGIC CROPDUSTERS!  David Jukes, Jeff Matika, and Matt Quin (complete with new ink), out from behind the bar at Vino’s and ready to make your outing worthwhile.  You don’t get to see the Cropdusters out too often–scratch up $4 and see three acts.  $1 Old Styles.  Hoo-ahh!!

UPDATE:  Magic Cropdusters have cancelled, and have been replaced with BROWNINGHAM.   Too bad about the Cropdusters, but Browningham is a one man tour de force.  This should make you get up and down to Stickyz even earlier.   I caught Browningham at the ACAC cover show on Hallowe’en, which featured him as Prince Rogers Nelson himself.  One man, one synth, one falsetto, much groovin’.