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CHECKONETWO: A Year in Pics (Part One) December 31, 2008

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Some of CheckOneTwo’s favorite moments in music this year were (happily) documented by my little ol’ digital camera.    Here are a few for you.


Blood on the Keys (above) and MicEater (below):   Jeremy Brasher of The Moving Front


Sean Sulac of Loch Ness Monster, goin’ all one-eyed



“Evil” Mark Wyers of The Weisenheimers (above)

The patented Chicklettes snarrrl (below)



Above:  From the Matt Floyd Benefit Show (to pay off traffic tickets and let Smoke Up Johnny go on tour)


Above:  Graham Cobb of The Reds, gettin’ busy with the tambo


Above:  Josh Kerby of San Antokyo, flashing the ink


Above:  Scott Cook of Kyoto Boom (hiyaa, hiyah!!)


Above:  Epiphany throws it down at Sierra Club’s “Energy Shift” concert


Above:  Dave Raymond of Kyoto Boom at Sierra Club show


Above:  John Jeremy George & Ringo:  Jeremy Brasher (The Moving Front) at Pizza D


4×4 Crew


Maxx, @ Maxximum Impact


Miggy of Teenage Bottlerocket:  Extreme Power Stance, at Vino’s


The Moving Front, @ big ole sweaty mid-week house party on Schiller


Lorenza Harrington & Andrew Morgan of Eclipse Glasses (Ark Flag & Banner)


CheckOneTwo and some guy named Andy Rourke, from some band called THE SMITHS!! 


Ashtray Babyhead reunion show


CheckOneTwo with the one and only CHUCK D (at Philander Smith)


The Reverend works in mysterious ways, kna’mean?


Damn Bullets play the NO NEW COAL show at the State Capitol

Part two uploading soon.




Chuck D and CheckOneTwo September 26, 2008

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DSC02529.jpg picture by glenhooks

Last night, CheckOneTwo ventured out to Philander Smith College to hear from none other than Chuck D!  Described (accurately) as hip-hop royalty, and he was here in Lotta Rock to drop some science about the state of the music industry, race, the presidential contest, college students, Flava, and ’bout a million other things that crossed his mind.   It was epic.   Chuck was not to be missed.

But if you DID miss it…damn.  What were you thinking?  Even Al Bell came out!  Yes–THAT Al Bell, of Stax Records!

My luck (and masterful quick-stroll) helped me get to spend a little bitta time talking with Chuckafter the event.  No surprise that he’s a cool guy, right?  He didn’t bug out and run away from anybody, which is sometimes rare.  This is a guy with no handlers.  If you wanted to talk to Chuck, you got to talk to Chuck.  Hey Chuck: if you’re reading this for some reason, thanks for gettin’ rid of the wall.  Nice to visit with someone who shaped my whole outlook. 

My golden Lotta Rock moment:  sitting with Chuck D in front of me and Judge Reinhold behind me.  I did somehow resist the urge to tell Brad how cute I always thought he was….but it was not easy. 

My other golden Lotta Rock moment:  when Chuck D was on a rant about corporate media, and Mike Poe piped up from the audience to fact-check Chuck about Viacom/Sumner Redstone.  Gotta love my boy Mike–he is a truth-teller, and I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “intimidated.”

My even more golden Lotta Rock moment:  after the event, when MinnieJean Brown-Trickey, one of the Little Rock Nine, introduced herself to Chuck D.  Chuck looked surprised and a little star-struck.  Who can blame him, of course?  We take the Little Rock Nine for granted sometimes, but not folks like Chuck.  We have some serious history in Arkansas–I was sure glad to be there to watch that happen.

Get out sometimes.  It’s good for your constitution.



CHUCK D IN LITTLE ROCK!! August 21, 2008

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Chuck D, founder of Public Enemy, will be at in Little Rock at Robinson Auditorium on Thursday, September 25th, in partnership with the Clinton School and Philander Smith College.  Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos!!  Right on!!

CheckOneTwo had the supersurprisepleasure of lucking into a Public Enemy club show in Santa Fe a few years back and–no shit–was close enough to bump knuckles with D and Flav.   One crazy night.

Y’all mark this one down.  From the release:
“Leader and co-founder of the legendary rap group Public Enemy, Chuck D is widely recognized as a prominent supporter of music on the Internet. In 1999, he founded rapstation.com, a site dedicated to empowering rap artists with the knowledge to turn their craft into a viable living.”