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How to Have a Good Time January 29, 2009

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In a good times rut?  Overloaded with irony?  You should go to an AC/DC concert with a 13 yr old metalhead.  Yowwww!! 

These guys are aging, yes.  It’s quite true that Angus Young is a balding fiftysomething dressed up in schoolboy shortpants.  It’s also true that Brian Johnson is almost as old as my dad and is slightly potbellied.  And, finally, it’s also true that AC/DC is the very definition of anachronistic, over-the-top, cliche rockers.   Cannons!  Pyrotechnics!  Solos!!  Devil horns!!  Enough to make any self-respecting hipster tear a smirk muscle.   

Shake it off, hotshot.  This is AC/DC, and 13 yr old kids want to go.  They grew up on School of Rock.  My son has actually said, out loud, “Dad, you were lucky to live in the 70s, when they had good music.”  Whoa!  Right on!  Look, to a 13 yr old metalhead, Angus Young is a gawd.   They are in awe of the pyro, and the solos, and love to rock the devil horns.  Yes, yes, y’all, I was there last night, in the cheap seats, fully infected by teenaged enthusiasm and throwin’ the horns.  In fact, we put four hands together and made two mega-devil horns because, my friend, THERE WAS TOO MUCH ROCK FOR JUST ONE HAND. 

If you are one of those folks who has lost the love, lost the buzz, lost the sheer excitement we all used to feel on Concert Day, take a kid.  Remember those days?  When you spent the whole school day giddy, waiting for the end of the day so you could ditch out and head out to Barton Coliseum?  To see Ozzy, or even freakin’ RATT?  That feeling is still there.  Just gotta dig it out.  I think it’s tucked  somewhere under your bloated liver, Otis.

In the past year, my son and I have gone to Van Halen, Metallica, and AC/DC.  Good times, for sure, but I have seen the shows through his eyes.  Listen, brother–it’s a good view.   Take it in. 





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