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Where to be tonight: DMZ Flashback December 22, 2008

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CheckOneTwo has a long and sordid history with the building currently known as Vino’s (and previously known as DMZ, and previously known as The Annex).  It’s where he and the other Gravel Ridge skater kids used to hang out and be sullenly, deliciously cool.  It’s where he and his future ex-wife had their first date.   It’s where his kickball team hangs out post-game, where his kids have played pinball like little madmen all through their formative years, and where he first saw bands like Sick of It All, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Ghoultown, Trusty, Rocket From the Crypt, Green Day, Teenage Bottlerocket…too many to name.

So tonight:  a reunion of sorts, for the folks who grew up at the short-lived DMZ.   The return of Trusty!  The return of Matt Besser–comedian for such insanely funny troupes as the Upright Citizens BrigadeLink Springs!  Ticket price is $10 (a little steep!) but the nostalgia trip is worth the fare.

Memories of Trusty are rich.  When I was just a little mustachioed skate rat hanging out with other wannabe hooligans (we, of course, still managed to keep our Honor Society memberships current), we fell in with Bircho and his lot.  Our central gathering location was a little blue house on Highway 89  right off 107 outside of Gravel Ridge, home to Andy Hancock and his parents.   Attendees would be folks like Ritchie Baker, Lyndel Roe, Michelle Henderson, Pat Tillman, Larry Busbea, Mart Averitt, Liz & Pam…pretty much the same group who skated Paige’s ramp out at Skateboards Plus in Levy.  Every single time I’d leave Andy’s house on a weekend, the police would be at the corner of 89/107, pull me over, and toss the car.   Since I was straight-edge (read:  too scared to drink), it never amounted to more than a hassle but it still pisses me off to this day. 

One night, Bircho came to the Blue House in a van he used for transportation and living quarters.  About an hour or two into the night’s festivities we stepped out into the carport and saw the van on fire.  For no particular reason–it wasn’t the engine, it was the interior.  All of Bircho’s belongings burned up but, for some reason, none of us could do anything but point and laugh while Bircho scurried through the smoke and flames.    We all made it better, though, by giving him t-shirts once the blaze was extinguished. 

Come out tonight to hear Trusty, especially if you were too young to be part of the scene (that means you, Reid Hanna).  You’ll be glad that you did.





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