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CHECKONETWO Interview: COLIN BROOKS December 21, 2008

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CheckOneTwo caught up with Colin Brooks recently, in anticipation of the upcoming Big Cats show this coming weekend.  Here’s how it went:

1.         How are things going with the Dan Zanes band?   Have you been touring?  Where all have you been lately?

 Things are going great with the band. Everyone is playing really well and the gigs have been triumphant. We were just out west a couple of weeks ago doing a sort of test run with the holiday show in San Francisco, Davis, CA, and Seattle.

2.         That’s one suh-weet pic of you and the band on the website, with you sitting on the stoop holding some sort of bucket-drum.  The rest of the crew went with the jolly smile motif, while you seemed to choose the “cold death stare”.  Discuss. 

 The “cold death stare” you are referring to was unintentional. That photo, along with some of our more recent press shots, was taken exactly a year and 2 days ago. It was a very long shoot outdoors in our stage gear, and it was very cold indeed. So i suppose it is accurate to call it a cold death stare. I was freezing in a very thin jacket.

3.         Tell me about the new show you’ve got kicking off tonight—I hear it’s playing for a month at the New Victory Theatre, some sort of “new 42nd Street project”?

 The show is a project that Festival 5 and Pomagrante Arts have been working on. It features the band and many of our friends. It’s a multi-culture Holiday music hootenanny of sorts with holiday songs in Arabic, Mexican, Hebrew, and English. There’s a tap dancing family, lots of people on stage, trading songs and eating clementines. There’s a shadow puppet segment set to the Leadbelly song Grey Goose.

4.         Don’t tell me that the NY run will keep you away from the Big Cats show in Little Rock next week?  Say it ain’t so!

 I will be in Little Rock to play with The Big Cats yet again. I had to put in for a replacement drummer for the rest of the run at the New Vic. I love my family and friends too much to not be with them on the Holidays. I told Dan that i would be much too depressed to stay in New York.

5.         This Monday, there’s a gathering of folks at Vino’s celebrating the short-lived days when it was DMZ.  Trusty is playing, along with some surprise comedy from Matt Besser.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you have some good memories of DMZ?

 I have very fond memories of the DMZ and Vino’s as well. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been going to that building for more than half my life. The first time I ever stepped foot in there was in 1988 to see fIREHOSE and The Screaming Trees. I was 14 years old. When we got The Numbskulz going, James and Bircho from TRUSTY called us at my parents house and then drove out to meet us. We hung out a bit and they gave us a copy of their first single which i still have. When they left, we all jumped up and down on my bed out of the sheer joy of having met them. A few months later we did our first gig opening up for them at the Women’s City Club.

6.         Tell me what’s happening with your work outside of Dan Zanes and Friends.  Anything new happening with Big Cats, or Sea Ray?  Can we expect a Numbskulz reunion someday?

Playing with Dan keeps me pretty busy and out of town quite a bit. I have been playing with Drexel here in New York a little bit. I still see the people from Sea Ray fairly regularly, but i don’t see a reunion any time soon. The Big Cats are taking steps toward making a new album, so you can expect some new songs in our set on the 26th at Juanita’s. The Numbskulz i seriously doubt. We were so young then and i’m not certain anyone is really interested in us as more than a piece of history.

Catch up with the Big Cats on the 26th at Juanita’s (with Kevin Kerby & Battery, and Ashtray Babyhead!).  I’ll see you’uns out.





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