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ACAC Takes me Way Back December 16, 2008

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OK, while you yay-hoos were tucked ‘neath the blankets last night Fearing the Sleeter, CheckOneTwo laced up his Docs and braved the elements.   Hope you enjoyed the cheese dip and Magnum P.I. reruns.   Whilst you were snoggin’ yer sweetie or counting the sugarplums, I had me a big ole ice-drenched punk rock night in the new space for Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative.

This is a great space, perfect for this kind of thing.  Takes me way back to my days as a skater kid at Kierre Hall in Levy, catching bands like Rhythm Pigs and such.  Think big warehouse, no stage, plenty of room, makeshift bar.  ACAC is now located in the Gallery B building on Rodney Parham, and you should go there to support these guys.

Who better to strike the first notes in this space than Little Rock’s own The Chicklettes?  This foursome is loud, snotty and rude, just the way you like it.   Nothing could be finer than drinking cheap beers while listening to girls scream about “going to the prom with a nitroglycerin bomb” or encouraging us to “hang Barry Manilow” while attempting (unsuccessfully) to incinerate a Manilow album cover.    Judging from the between-song patter, the band is (1) armed, (2) tired of violence against women, and (3) encouraging armed female insurrection.  Oh, and they may also be PMS’ing.   Be warned.

Straight outta Milwaukee, next up was Holy Shit!  Yes, they came from Milwaukee, where they have real ice and snow, and you couldn’t be bothered to make it out?  These guys didn’t waste the trip with shoegazing.  Oh no.  They launched into 165-mph sonic warfare, bouncing around the space like golf balls in a paint can.   Lead screamer Tabman (starting off with the aforementioned burned Barry Manilow album cover as a mask) hurled himself screaming around the space like a man being ass-scalded by fire ants.   Good thing he moved fast, b/c Mighty Big Bassist Anthony was ping-ponging around swinging his bass like a scythe.  Careful, boy, you’ll put somebody’s eye out.   Set was way too short–like 30 songs in 15 minutes short.  I stepped out for some air and it was over.  Come back sometime, HS.

The Thing That Always Explodes (locals) finished things up.  I’m personally not feeling it with these guys yet.  Guitarist/vocalist Andy Burns comes at his instrument like the secret bastard child of Greg Ginn, which I respect, but they seemed a bit off last night.  In fairness, I left after the first fifteen or twenty minutes.  Hopefully it got better.

Importantly:  the new ACAC space is great.  It’s worthy of your support.    Don’t be afraid to venture a few miles away from downtown.  We live in Little Rock–pretty much everything is within 8 miles of everything else.   All ages, all the time.





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