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Hallowe’en Weekend, w/photos AND video November 6, 2008

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Forgiveness requested, but life has been happening and getting in the way of CheckOneTwo posts lately.  Trying to pick up and get back into it. 

Hallowe’en weekend was a jumbled shepherd’s pie of costumes, candy, music, hops, barley, backyard fire, trips to funkytown (and back), sugar skulls, a near fistfight, and a certain someone getting dragged out of a particular tavern.  In other words, it was your basic weekend (for Dirty Sean).

Musical highlights started early with  Thursday’s Kyoto Boom show (opening for Ready the Jet).  This band is getting so tight that it’s practically unfair when they are the opening act.  You just want to go all Adrienne Balboa and yell STOP THE FIGHT! STOP THE FIGHT!!  I continue to predict tremendous things for Kyoto Boom.   If they ever get around to putting out an album, it’s the kind that I’ll buy multiple copies of to give as gifts. 

Friday was the Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative’s annual Hallowe’en Cover-up at Vino’s, with a great lineup:  The Moving Front as The Clash, Juggernaut Glitch as The Roots, Speedo Slay as Bikini Kill and Das Gift as Pink Floyd (complete with lasers and three kids on “Another Brick in the Wall”).  Pretty good night–TMF just KILLED, and I utterly dug the Bikini Kill set–but it had kind of a weird order.   It went The Roots/The Clash/Bikini Kill/Pink Floyd.  WTF?  No disrespect to Das Gift, but ending that way kind of put a sleepy mellow cap on an otherwise funky/punky night.   CheckOneTwo would have recommended ending with The Clash. 

If you’d like to see video of The Moving Front as The Clash, check it out at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDeX_HaF9ew

Saturday:  Whitewater Tavern:  Grand Serenade as Nirvana, The Good Fear as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and The Moving Front reprising their role as The Clash.  Great times, good tunes, and a healthy rowdy crowd. 

Pics below, starting with The Moving Front as The Clash.



The Good Fear as Six Tom Pettys and a Heartbreaker


CheckOneTwo as Dirty, Dirty Coal


Das Gift as Pink Floyd


Jeff Lynne & Siouxsie Sioux



1. dirty sean - November 6, 2008

i didn’t even know you were following me around last weekend, that was pretty much the jist of it. oh i don’t want to jinx anything but the show we are playing with SUJ on the 29th at white water we just might have a new piece of merchandise to sell starting that show, *fingers crossed*

2. Mark Wyers - November 6, 2008

We’re going to sell fingers?? Jesus. I wasn’t aware of this. And, Glen, who did you beat up? Was it Scott Cook? 🙂


3. glenhooks - November 6, 2008

OK, put me down for a couple of fingers, but I get to smell ’em first.

If your new merch is round, shiny, and has digitally-encoded music on it, CheckOneTwo will be a happy man.

4. Mark Wyers - November 6, 2008

Actually, the new merch is in the form of dildos we had made with our logo, but they do have music on them. 🙂

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