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MUSIC & ACTIVISM: What’s Not to Like? October 13, 2008

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Like most of us, I’m a citizen of two worlds:  Work World and Music World.  The lucky among us get to have those world collide once in a while. 

Saturday is one of those days for me.  I’d like for you to be part of it.

I work for Sierra Club, and my job is to stop dirty, coal-fired power plants from being built.  Two such plants are being proposed for rat-cheer in The Natural State.  That just ain’t right.  I don’t need my state being polluted by literally millions of metric tons of CO2, poisionous mercury, and dozens of other hazardous air pollutants.  I don’t need my kids growing up breathing nasty nonsense and eating tainted fish.   We are going to stop this thing, but only if we get enough Arkansans rising up and saying NO.

Please join us at the NO NEW COAL rally on the State Capitol steps this Saturday at 1 p.m.  Great entertainment by socially-aware Arkansas acts: hip-hop from EPIPHANY, the folkie stylings of DAMN BULLETS, and the indie rock love from  MAGIC HASSLE.  Speakers educating us all on the harmful effects of dirty coal.  This is an event where YOU can stand up and lend your voice.  Come see us–tell Governor Beebe and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to use their power to stop dirty coal.

CheckOneTwo would consider this a personal favor if you’d attend.  And bring your friends, family, dogs, bikes, neighbors, whatever.  It’ll be very much worth your while.

Thanks–see y’all on Saturday!




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