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REPORT FROM THE FIELD: Greg Spradlin October 7, 2008

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Y’all probably know our friend Greg Spradlin as one of the sickest guitar players ’round these parts.  You’ll find him heading up the Greg Spradlin Outfit, or pounding out cover sets with The Libras, or just working it with a buncha good-timers.  All-around one of the nicest guys in music that you’ll ever meet.

So Greg just had what can only be described as one seriously cool old time with my namesake, the pride of Delight, Arkansas himself.  I’ll let Greg tell you in his own words:


Hey Glen,

How are things going? I hope is well. sorry it’s been awhile since we touched base. You know, you and I have our work cut out for us these days trying to save the world. It’s 24/7, right? 🙂

Hey, just going through my messages and thought I would drop you a line, in case you’re interested about this Glen Campbell tribute I did in Nashville a couple weeks back with my Sin City friends from LA.

The story is this. Every year for the past 5-6 yrs (don’t really recall how long it’s been now), we meet up in Nashville for the Americana Music conference and blow out the last night of the conference events with a party that goes on until, usually, around 3:30-4am. Me and the guys are the house band and we back up whomever shows up. In years past it’s been, Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, Jessi Colter, Don Was, Michelle Shocked, Peter Case, the Bottle Rockets, and the likes. Anyway, it’s a good time and I have been in musical relationships with all of them at one time in my career.

At any rate, this year, Captiol Records hired us and Shilah Morrow (Mama) of Sin City Marketing (she does music PR) and puts on the bash every year to do an all-star tribute to Glen Campbell in support of the new record (yeah, there’s vinyl – and he signed my album!!). So, we did an hour-long tribute early in the evening before our regular hootnanny featuring Jim Lauderdale, Chuck Mead (BR549), Raoul Malo (Mavericks), Jason Ringberg (Jason and the Scorchers), Aaron Beavers (Shurman) and ultimately Glen himself.

It was a great time and an honor to play with Glen for two reasons: a) my grandmother always told me while we watched the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour that one day I would grow up and play and sing just like him; and b) I’m married into the Southwest Arkansas Campbell clan. It was a surreal moment playing Southern Nights with him as his cousins from Campbelltown, AR looked on from the audience.

So, thought I would share that if you were interested. Here are a couple of links to video from the night. The first isn’t great quality, but it shows me on the right side of the stage – which is the side that most of the video that was shot that night was taken from, so I’m not seen much in the other video. The second is the official Sin City feature from the night. If you can overlook some of the cheese, there are some good clips of Glen and others performances in it.

 http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=unNUlB8-G-E
http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=aMYUYe6mNEo

Hope all is well. Give my best to the family and Suzi.



Jeebus…I should’ve learned to play guitar.  How great is that?





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