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Word around the campfire is that previously-unsigned Memphis rockers Joan Red have signed up with Fuel Records (part of the Warner Music Group).   Congrats to these guys on their multi-album deal, with the first disc expected early next year.

Why am I writing about a Memphis band?  Because Joan Red’s bassist (Darin Davies) dates my sister and is an all-around good guy (er, I mean, SINISTERRRRR….). 

Check out Joan Red’s sound here. 

Here’s the official release from Billboard:

Rock Band Joan Red Inks Deal With Fuel RecordsMemphis favorites Joan Red have rocked their way into a multi-record contract with Orlando’s new concept Indie label Fuel Records. The band is scheduled to release their first album early next year.

Orlando, FL (Billboard Publicity Wire/PRWeb) September 18, 2008 — Memphis rock band Joan Red has signed a recording contract with Fuel Records, their publicist announced Tuesday. Fuel Records (www.fuel-records.com) is distributed through Warner Music Group/ADA and the label plans to launch an extensive radio and internet campaign to coincide with their debut album scheduled for release early next year.




“We’re very excited to be able to pick up an act with the energy and appeal that we’ve found in Joan Red (www.myspace.com/joanred)” says label CEO Dave Drazen. “They are a great fit for Fuel Records.”


The previously unsigned band from Memphis has been together for nearly 2 years and has risen to “virtual fame” via Myspace, in no small part due to the distinctly powerful vocals of lead singer Anthony Basurto. “This is a really exciting time for us. We’ve been working so hard for this, but at the same time we also know that the real work has just begun” says Basurto.


Focusing on identifying market trends within the music industry and specifically recognizing the musician’s need to compete in the digital age, Fuel Records utilizes traditional industry distribution, marketing, radio and touring along with cutting edge viral marketing campaigns and digital album cards distributed to big box retailers to develop, promote and ultimately break new artists.






1. dirty sean - September 19, 2008

i’ve never seen or even heard of these guys, but i’m not afraid to say they look like duchebags to me. maybe its the goth makeup, or maybe its the we’re all a bunch of badasses pose, but geeez they make my head hurt without even hearing a note. no offense meant of course….

2. glenhooks - September 19, 2008

note to my friend Dirty Sean: if yer gonna call somebody a douchebag, you better spell it right.

The music ain’t half bad. Give it a listen, and THEN call ’em douchebags. Raw har har((GLEN))

3. Jessica - December 12, 2008

These guys are amazing! I knew them before they got signed and everyone here in Memphis are so proud of them. We were so excited when they got signed.
They are the most amazing people I have ever met, and I can honestly say that.
Dont diss the RED.

4. Seth - February 12, 2009

Congrats on your recent signing, you guys deserve it for bring so many people great music.I LOVE THIS BAND!!! im going to see them 2marrow at the newdaisy in memphis. Yet another highlight in my life. well keep making music and rockin out. Seth……….

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