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What CheckOneTwo Wants September 12, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Uncategorized.

Remember when we were teenagers, and we couldn’t get into 21+ shows?  Remember how frustrating that was?  Arrrgh, I remember that was the worst thing ever–standing outside the venue, hoping to catch a little bit when the doors opened, scheming ways to get in…like I was livin’ the lyrics to “Jukebox Hero” or something. 

The only shows I could go to were big arena shows at Barton Coliseum (if I wanted to see Ratt) , at this little warehouse on Camp Robinson called Kierre Hall (seeing bands like Rhythm Pigs if they came to town), or sneaking into SOB’s  to see The Dead Milkmen.   I could go to Vino’s (called The Annex, or DMZ) back then, but only if I could get a ride from Gravel Ridge.  Age was a problem getting in to see bands.

I’m reliving that now as I raise two music-loving sons, now 13 and 9.  Because of their age, we will miss Saturday’s Ashtray Babyhead reunion show at Whitewater.  Arrggggh….

This town cries out for more all-ages shows, man.  It’s almost worse than it used to be now, because of the smoking laws closing down places they used to be able to go to (Pizza D, Sticky Fingerz, Juanita’s, etc.)

If CheckOneTwo ruled the world, I’d make all shows all-ages.  The smoking thing seems to be the killer–how many of us remember getting into bars to see shows and having a different handstamp or wristband to keep us from ordering drinks?  It used to be done.  Now, if it’s a bar, I can’t take my kids in because of the smoking.

Continuing my world reign, I’d decree that smokers took it outside.  Would people really not go to bars if they couldn’t smoke?  Would they stay home and miss the show if they were required to step outside to burn one?  I’m a lifelong nonsmoker, so I’m genuinely asking–would a smoking ban keep you from coming out?

The bottom-line frustration for me is not so much that *I* can’t go to see Ashtray Babyhead this weekend, it’s that my sons can’t go.  They will miss out on seeing these guys because of age and because of cigarette smoke.   

Bummin’ hard, but thankful for a good show at Vino’s tonight–




1. Mark Wyers - September 12, 2008

I would go to way MORE shows if there was a smoking ban. I don’t smoke either, and I would love for just once to go to WWT or Stickyz and not feel like shit for days after because of all the smoke.


2. glenhooks - September 12, 2008

Exactly. My girl is the same way–we’ve skipped more than a few weekday shows at WWT b/c we don’t want the smoke hangover.

3. dirty sean - September 12, 2008

i agree with both of you guys, plus if more places were no smoking then karle wouldn’t be able to light and leave his lovely as i refer to them, ciga-incenses, you know when someone lights a cigarette and then just puts lets it smoke itself while sitting in an ashtray

4. nd - September 12, 2008

It would be awesome to be at WWT without having to avoid cigarette burns. I also end up with smoke hangovers.

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