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CheckOneTwo Musician Survey: Zach Holland September 4, 2008

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NAME:  Zach Holland
BAND(S) YOU ARE IN:  The Good Fear, White Whale, Matt Suggs & the Higher Burning Fire
DESCRIBE YOUR MUSICAL STYLE:  I’m not sure I have one…probably.                        
HOW’D YOU GET STARTED PLAYING MUSIC?  6th grade talent show we had a rap act that included me playing Iron Man and Peter Gunn on guitar.  We got signed by a rep from Atlantic and the rest is history.  (Just kidding about that last part.)

FAVORITE LOCAL MUSICIAN BESIDES YOURSELF (AND WHY):  Right now I really like Memphis Pencils because they successfully blend a lot of stuff that I like and they are pretty down to earth fellas as far as I know.

WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET RIGHT NOW?  Nada, I like to keep ’em light.

YOUR FAVORITE VENUE IN LITTLE ROCK (AND WHY)?  I like most of the venues in Little Rock.  We have played White Water, Vino’s, Sticky Fingerz, and Juanita’s.  No complaints here.  I don’t love seeing shows at Vino’s, but it’s a good hang out.  White Water is my favorite.  It just feels right, and nowadays they are actually trying to get it to sound right.  Its nice to play in clubs with big sound systems, because they might make you sound great, but at least at the WW, if you sound bad you can really only blame yourself. 

TELL ME ABOUT THE FIRST “REAL” CONCERT YOU EVER ATTENDED.  Cool & the Gang in 6th grade.  It was bittersweet, because I didn’t get to sit next to the girl I was “going with”.

HOW ABOUT THE FIRST SHOW YOU EVER DID YOURSELF?  I think it was a coffee shop called Java Strait in a strip mall in Fayetteville.  It was a couple acoustic guitars jangling around on indie rock and surf rock sounding stuff.  It was scary.  It took years for me to get comfortable on stage, but I finally realized that no matter what you do, if you put yourself in front of people, some of them will like it and some wont.  You can never stop those who don’t like it from talking shit.  Somehow that realization was liberating for me, but I can’t seem to relate it to other people very well.    


WHAT DOES THIS TOWN NEED?  Continued organization efforts.  I’d say we’re doing pretty well all things considered.  Fayetteville needs some help though.

YOUR THREE FAVORITE ALBUMS, ALL-TIME:  John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Canyon/Empty Rooms, Zombies/Odyssey & Oracle


FUNNIEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED AT ONE OF YOUR SHOWS:  We were playing at North 6th in Brooklyn.  It’s a pretty big stage and there was a decent sized crowd.  I launched into this big guitar solo intro without realizing that the drummer was lighting a cigarette or something, so I basically went from soloing at the front of the stage to slinking to the back of the stage hoping nobody would notice that no other instruments had started playing when I thought they were going to.  Everybody accused me of having taken mushrooms before the show.  

AS A KID, WHAT’D YOU WANT TO GROW UP TO BE?  A soccer player.  I don’t think I even knew professional soccer players existed. 

MUSICAL/LIFE ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO MY 13 YEAR OLD GUITAR FIEND SON?  Try to write a song as early as possible.  Learn to write songs before you learn any music theory or how to read music.  If you learn the theory first you will get locked into a system.  If you write songs and then learn music theory it will open up your songwriting. 





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