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“Dirty Sean” Causey, at Wolfman Studios.  Photo by CheckOneTwo

NAME: Dirty Sean

BAND(S) YOU ARE IN: The Weisenheimers

PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS? DO TELL: i guess you could say i play the drums, i sit behind them at least

DESCRIBE YOUR MUSICAL STYLE: if meatloaf, david bowie, and neil diamond had an orgy that’d be my style

HOW’D YOU GET STARTED PLAYING MUSIC? i got an old piece of shit ludwig set when i was about 11 and have been pissing off neighbors ever since

FAVORITE LOCAL MUSICIAN BESIDES YOURSELF (AND WHY): probably scott cook of ashtray babyhead and kyoto boom fame, but i’m also a huge fan of kevin kerby, i like those two a lot because they give it there all everytime they get on stage

WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET RIGHT NOW? lint, and 2 cell phones, i wish i could say tons of money but that is not the case

YOUR FAVORITE VENUE IN LITTLE ROCK (AND WHY)? i LOVE white water, cause they always have a kick ass crowd, and you know with white water you’re getting people who came to see the show, you don’t get a whole lot of random people who just stumble into the joint at white water

TELL ME ABOUT THE FIRST “REAL” CONCERT YOU EVER ATTENDED. the first real concert i went to was smashing pumpkins and garbage, damn shirley manson is hot in those boots!! the music was so loud you could open your mouth and your organs would literally vibrate

HOW ABOUT THE FIRST SHOW YOU EVER DID YOURSELF? the first show i did was with josh the devil and it was just us as a two piece at blank generation, i can’t say enough good things about blank gen, if it weren’t for them i probably wouldn’t be playing music right now, there’s something about not having a stage and the kids getting close enough to knock over your mic stand that is just AWESOME!! the energy in that place was electric, plus i got to beat up a kid in the bathroom for throwing up on me (that’s a story for another time though)

BEST SOURCE FOR MUSICAL INFO? (MAG, WEBSITE, ETC) CHECKONETWO. WORDPRESS. COM easily the best, other than that i’d say the freepress back in the old days but since you only see one of those every couple months, maybe the sync or arkansas times

WHAT DOES THIS TOWN NEED? more kids to come out to the shows

YOUR THREE FAVORITE ALBUMS, ALL-TIME: in no particular order, Meatloaf: Bat out of Hell, Green Day: Dookie, Creedence Clearwater Revival: Chronicle

RE YOUR MUSIC: DOES YOUR MOM LIKE IT OR NOT? oh hell yeah, who do you think got me my first drumset

FUNNIEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED AT ONE OF YOUR SHOWS: damn now that is actually a hard question, i’d say maybe beating that kid up while i still had his vomit on me, or maybe walking out of the boathouse (a used to be venue) during the middle of us playing a song to throw up cause i’d drank too much, and then coming back in and picking right up where they were and finishing the song, weird how both my funny moments involve puke

AS A KID, WHAT’D YOU WANT TO GROW UP TO BE? a musician, or maybe some kick ass fireman that’d save a baby dog from a burning building while belting out a killer drum solo

MUSICAL/LIFE ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO MY 13 YEAR OLD GUITAR FIEND SON? DONT EVER GIVE UP, there is someone out there who will listen to what you play whether you think there is or not, and if you’re doing it for the right reasons that’s all you need



1. Billy Club Thornton - September 3, 2008

You’re my hero! Save my baby puppy from drum solos!

2. Holsted Fam - September 3, 2008

Puke is so ha ha larious…Isn’t it…:) Rock on!

3. Mark Wyers - September 9, 2008

Now, that kid you beat up at Blank Gen that puked on you is the one that died not long after, right? Hmmmm, coincidence? 🙂 Much love-


4. dirty sean - September 9, 2008

yeah it’s the same kid that died, but i’m pretty sure it was from unrelated circumstances

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