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ALBUM REVIEW: Loch Ness Monster/Eleven Traditional Songs August 28, 2008

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LOCH NESS MONSTER:  Brian Hirrel, Jimmy Young, Sean Sulac, Matt Nicholas.  Photo by CheckOneTwo

Good evening.  Welcome to the sweaty side of your insomniac pillow, the buzz in your ear from the no-see-um at 3 a.m., or maybe the grinding sound your brain makes in the middle of the night when you want to sleep but it declines to shut down.

Loch Ness Monster‘s Eleven Traditional Songs (Max Recordings) is NOT any of the following:  dinner party background music, mood music for that special night when it’s finally going to happen, study tunes, or the lullaby sleepytime sing-song that your kid needs for that final push to sleep.  

Eleven Traditional Songs is really anything but traditional.  Just when you think you’ve got a track figured out, the rollercoaster swerves, drops, climbs, and makes you ignore the rule about keeping your hands and feet inside the car at all times.  Vocalist Sean Sulac explores the entire sonic range, from falsetto whispers and grrrrrowly snarls all the way up to the wahwahwahwahhhhhhhhhh end of the spectrum.  Guitarist Brian Hirrel drives this train like a mad conductor, alternating time changes and bouncing between sludgy Sabbath and hi-speed licks that push you to the point of exhaustion.   The sludge trip is given guts and ballast by the solid rhythm section of Matt Nicholas and Jimmy Young, who barely manage to keep the train from jumping the tracks.   

This is going to be great night driving music, and is guaranteed to work better’n Five Hour Energy.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t sound like the other stuff in your collection, give Eleven Traditional Songs a try.    If your girl/boy doesn’t run out of the room screaming, s/he’s a keeper.

Catch Loch Ness Monster Sept 9 at Sticky Fingerz.






1. dirty sean - August 28, 2008

hahaha 5 hour energy, hilarious, my favorite thing about the 5 hour energy drink is the commercial says “it won’t give u the crash like some energy drinks” and at the same time in small print at the bottom it says “energy crash may occur”, boy do i love that commercial, almost as much as i love sulac, now talk about a local treasure!! who else can put on his own art exhibit, play in 5 or 20 bands at the same time, and serve up a delicious cup of joe all in the same day. And he’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet, must have something to do with being named Sean i guess.

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