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CheckOneTwo’s “5 Local Albums I’m Waiting For” List August 27, 2008

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I am not a patient man when it comes to music.  If there’s a show next week that I’m jonesin’ to see, that is the LONGEST WEEK EVER.  The last five minutes before the lights go down ooze by like frozen syrup for me.  And new music?  I am the Veruca Salt of new music.  I want it NOW, I want it RIGHT NOW, especially if I’ve seen your band out and dig your stuff.

So…why, in the name of all that is holy and sweet, am I still waiting for new albums from these local artists?  (Check out their music at the links below.)

KYOTO BOOM–Scott Cook, Dave Raymond, and Duke Boyne have blown my mind every time I’ve seen them, from beginning to end.  Love the songs a ton, and even love their cover stuff (Blue Oyster Cult?  Duran Duran!?).  80s influenced and bass-driven, but with super keys, sparkle-shredded guitar and thunder drums.  I’d play this CD all day, every day, IF THEY’D RELEASE A CD.

THE MOVING FRONT–My favorite local fellers (Jeremy Brasher, Micah Fitzhugh, Mark Lewis, Brian Rodgers), except for the fact that they’ve made me practically wear out their “S/T” disc while waiting for the new stuff to get released.  I keep hearing about an EP in the works, but that’s been pending so long that my clothes are goin’ outta style.   Am I going to have to get all Ninja like, scale a building, kidnap the master recordings, and release it myself?

THE WEISENHEIMERS:  (Sean Causey, Karle Johnson, Mark Wyers, Micah Wyers)–Perhaps it’s sloth?  Financial issues?  Perhaps it’s the demands of day jobs, wives, girlfriends, fiancees, new babies?  Or maybe they’re just seeing how many times I have to ask “So…when’s the album coming out?”  Whatever it is, I’m refusing to accept any more excuses.   Weisenheimers, if I have to put together a f*&$ing fundraiser to get this album out, I’ll do it.  Holla. 

RODNEY BLOCK & THE REAL MUSIC LOVERS:  You find these guys (Rodney Block, Oliver Thomas, Michael Chandler, and Sam Carroll) out a lot–at the AfterThought, at wedding receptions, at rooftop restaurants in Conway, etc.  Their gig list is a long one, but their CD?  Nada.  They’re unsigned, and that’s a damned crime.  This is a crazy-good mix of insane trumpet, hip-hop beats, gospel layering, and a healthy dose of jazz/funk.   I’d buy this CD for me and a bunch more to give as gifts.  GET IT OUT, WOULDJA?

SILVERTON:  My favorite 8-member folk revivalists have reportedly hung it up, due to musical differences.  Here’s to hoping it wasn’t an acrimonious split, and that they’ll get a real CD out someday.  There is a CD sampler available, so I’ll have to live with that (can’t buy it off their site, though!!)

All of the above is said with love.  And impatience.  There’s only so many times I can listen to the new Loch Ness Monster album….





1. dirty sean - August 27, 2008

hahahaha, i LOVE this post, i totally agree with the kyoto boom one, and i promise to do whatever i can to help get us off this list, but a fundraiser is always nice, but if it’s anything like monday’s show then it won’t raise too much money, haha

2. Mark Wyers - August 27, 2008

Hmmmm…fundraiser, you say?? Can it be a cookout, too? 🙂 We’re trying really hard to get this fucker out. I tried to get Silverton to do one of the Monday nights, but I think they really hate each other. Not really. Whoever I spoke with didn’t mention that at all. All hail Glen!


PS-Do you want to carpool with me to see Gwar?

3. glenhooks - August 27, 2008

Carpooling and Gwar–two of my favorite things. If we can compost along the way, count me in.

4. glenhooks - August 27, 2008

Sean/Mark–I’m thinking along the lines of pre-sales. Oh, and a kissing booth. $5 to kiss you guys, $10 to NOT kiss you guys.

5. Micah Wyers - August 27, 2008

How about $50 to not have to give us handjobs?

6. dirty sean - August 27, 2008

hell yeah kissing booth is a great idea, especially if we can eat BBQ first and then have awesome BBQ sauce breath

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