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WTF was that??? August 26, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Show Reviews.
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CheckOneTwo ventured out last night for Thick Syrup’s Monday show at Sticky Fingerz, featuring Robert Abbott, The Weisenheimers, and Ginsu Wives.   The first two came strong, for sure (thanks for the t-shirt, Weisenheimers!), but after watching Ginsu Wives my memory of their performances are a bit muddled.

It’s hard to explain properly to one who hasn’t seen Ginsu Wives live, but I’m gonna try.  Hmm.  OK, what if you took Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, stripped him down to nothing but boxers, handed him a mic and told him to get his guttural/falsetto/Zack de la Rocha/multi-effect shriek on?  And then paired him with a beefed-up keyboardist who manages to conjure what I think it would sound like if EMF was being gang-raped by the ghost of Frank Zappa to the soundtrack of Natural Born Killers?  Then, for a final touch, throw in some guitar/bass/drum lines that give the whole thing the feel of a teenaged rhino herd rehearsing its new screamo act in your living room?

Yeah, I think that pretty much sums it up. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean I hated it.  I didn’t.  It was utterly mesmerizing.  Sideshow Bob gave it about a thousand percent, flailing his pale, nearly-naked, nearly-hairless body about the stage with the abandon of a guy trying out his new DIY Home Self-Exorcism Kit.  He seemed to be utterly without self-consciousness, a kid who got out of the shower, realized no one was home, cranked the bedroom stereo, grabbed a hairbrush/microphone and WENT AFTER IT. 

Frankly, I wasn’t ready for this to end.  Ginsu Wives…whoa.  Straight Outta Conway.

NOTES:  Robert Abbott’s CD release party for Uneventful is tonight at Counterpoint…The Weisenheimers are still planning to release their self-titled CD sometime soon (c’mon!)…Ginsu Wives are putting together a tour with most dates TBA but in Texas Oct 24 and 25, and at the Lazer Puzzy’s PUZZYWEEN COSTUME PARTY Oct 31.



1. dirty sean - August 26, 2008

i probably would have liked their act a lot better if they weren’t too busy talking sh*t about us, robert abbott, and sticky fingers, then i might have enjoyed it more. but as far as i’m concerned you won’t be seeing the weisenheimers on another bill with the ginsu wives and that’s just fine by me

2. glenhooks - August 26, 2008

I must have missed that, although I do remember them being kind of complimentary. One called you a 7, and the other called you an 8. Not sure if that was for the drumming or general hottitude, but hey–a 7 or an 8!! Woo-hoo!!

3. dirty sean - August 26, 2008

yeah i heard that, wasn’t sure if they were saying i was 7 or 8 years old, but mark said it was 7 or 8 out of 10 and i said well that’s being pretty generous, the russian judge gave me a solid 6.43, so i guess thats better than a 3, and noone can deny my sexyness, it is over powering

4. Mark Wyers - August 27, 2008

I give Dirty Sean a solid 9 on awesomeness. I give the Ginsu Wives a solid 2 for entertainment value. And, they only wish they were being gang raped by the ghost of Frank Zappa. All hail Glen-


PS-Let’s work on using animals as fuel for cooking other animals. I don’t think the Sierra Club would be too happy if they knew you used charcoal. 🙂

5. moneySTAX - August 29, 2008




6. Sassy Goose - August 29, 2008

Hello there folks! This is Goose from the Ginsu Wives. I just wanted to clear up a few things, and I appreciate this forum to do so.

First of all thanks for the review. Not all of us are going to like the same stuff, and I enjoyed reading that though it wasn’t necessarily anyone’s cup of tea, it was still enjoyable. We had a really good time and its nice to see others had fun too.

As far as the Weisenheimers go, we liked that band, though I couldn’t remember the name on while we were thanking them. We were standing up at the front supporting the show. I also thought the guitarist that played the Les Paul with the Sunn amp was a handsome fella, and my boyfriend, Jay, thought the Dirty Sean was attractive too. Thus, the ratings of a 7 and 8. It’s not like we were being vague or mysterious about it. Don”t feel too bad though about the ratings not being higher, there are only a handful of 9’s and 10’s in the world, so don’t go too emo and cut your wrists. We were having fun, but I implore you to not consider that it was at anyone’s expense!

Robert Abbott was greatness. Several of us enjoyed talking to him between sets, including myself. Playing Sticky Fingerz is a pleasure and delectable, Maestro works his ass off to make the bands sound better than they really are, and he treats everyone with the same dignity and respect, from garage bands to rawk stars. We always feel spoiled with that world class sound system. I don’t get where we said anything disparaging about the venue.

Anyways bro’s, it’s all good and I hate that anyone feels we were being discourteous. Feel free to come and see us again or even come to a show at the Lazer Puzzy, we book a variety of music. I’d be more than happy to drink a few and work out any other differences with civilized mannerisms.

Arkansas is a diverse place, and the sound of the state is growing in some pretty bold ways. Bands that don’t explore limits or push an envelope or twelve are missing out on opportunities to be received and enjoyed by such an accepting yet demanding population as what we have here in Little Rock. I speak for myself and all from the planet Ginsu that we are proud to share a stage with acts such as Robert Abbott and the Weisenheimers.

Thanks for the opportunity to smooth things out, and thank you, Glen Hooks, for telling it like it is, despite the dereliction you might have been exposed to by our strange but hard-working band.

Sassy Goose

Oh, and P.S…. That dude with the fu manchu is easy on the eyes. 🙂

7. Mark Wyers - September 2, 2008

Thanks for the clarification. I agree that not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, but you can always tell that something is good. I did feel my ass shaking a few times. 🙂 Have a good day-


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