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Man, Alive!!!!! August 24, 2008

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CheckOneTwo and BabySham have had one OUTSTANDING weekend of music here in Lotta Rock.  Friday night with Rodney Block in Conway (see earlier post), then last night at Crush Wine Bar was just redonkulous.   I’m talking about 150-200 folks jammed into Crush, and they got their $10 worth.

Crush was the first time we ‘ve gotten to see The Dapper One, Sean West, carry a whole show and, brother, he carried it.  He’d put some thought into this–door prizes, gift bags, costume changes…oh yeah.  Backed up by the mega-tight Solefud band–and Crystal Hayes keepin’ it sweet ‘n’ funky on backup vocals–Sean came at it like a madman, crooning smooth and soulful like a locked-out suitor wanting you to quit playin’ around and let him in the damn house.   Sean brought on guests Epiphany and Osyrus for a coupla songs, but this was his show and he made sure you knew his name.    

As if that weren’t enough, Sean gave way to an intensely hot set from Epiphany & One Night Stand.  I’ve written a lot of times about how much I like this bunch, but last night’s set was off the charts.  Maybe it was the tight quarters, mixed with sweat, perfume, lots of wine, no stage, and an insanely good band, but Piph and Gina Gee had it moving from go.  Big plusses for a coupla songs featuring Gina on lead–“Butterflies” and “Spotlight” (at least that’s what I think the titles were), and for guest trumpet from Rodney Block on “Can’t Tell”.  I wasn’t ready for this one to end–the mark of a great show. 





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