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Why Don’t I have a Weisenheimers T-shirt? August 21, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Upcoming Shows.
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I’ve looked all over my closet and it just ain’t there.  Dang.

Guess I’ll have to try and rectify that sartorial omission on Monday the 25th, when I go to Sticky Fingerz and see The Weisenheimers, Ginsu Wives, and Robert Abbott.  9:30 p.m., $5, part of the Thick Syrup series of Monday night shows.  

Hey fellas, what’s up with the CD that was supposed to come out a while back?  Hurry the hell up–my clothes are going outta style.



1. dirty sean - August 21, 2008

fucking hilarious!! that is a gross mistake on our part for you to not have a shirt yet. you will have one waiting monday, free of charge of course! and as far as the cd is concerned, it was supposed to go to be mastered by the brilliant barry pointer about 3 weeks ago. of course we are lazy assholes and haven’t even taken it out to him yet, haha?!?! but that should be rectified soon as i will take the burden upon myself and should have it to him by this week i hope *fingers crossed*. a little heads up, we haven’t had many practices lately but the ones we’ve had have been TREMEDOUS, and we’ve written about 5 new songs in the last 2 practices. so be prepared for 2 of those come monday night

2. glenhooks - August 22, 2008

Right on, brother! Looking forward to seeing you back that smack up on Monday. We’ll see what you fellers have been up to since last we hung.

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