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The Way-ay-ting. Yeah, it’s the Hardest Part August 21, 2008

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Dagnabbit–is it only Thursday?  Yours truly is visibly itching for some good shows coming up over the next few days.  If you were me, here’s where you’d be:


Time to doll it up, get swanky, and take a journey to Conway, for the Rodney Block & The Real Music Lovers show.  I’m talking about nifty jazz/hip-hop/gospel with one of the finest hornblowers around.  I’ve seen him a few times playing mad trumpet with Epiphany & One Night Stand, but this is the first time I get to see him with his own crew.The setting?  Michelangelo’s, one of those membership joints ($5–I can drink in Conway!!) which looks to be far too posh for Faulkner County.  I predict a night of well-dressed folks sippin’ grappa and gettin’ they jazz on. 


Saturday is just a dadgum embarrasment of riches.  I must have overloaded on good karma, because there are two super shows within walking distance of each other. 

7:00 p.m. kicks things off with Pop in the Park. 


Saturday’s selection:  Kyoto Boom, 4×4 Crew, and Browningham.  (Word around the campfire is that Suga City ain’t gonna make it after all).  You never quite know what Browningham is gonna pull out, but you can count on some falsetto good times.  4×4 Crew brings the positive energy and Kyoto Boom, well, can I just say that they blew me away a coupla weeks ago when they shared a stage with The Moving Front?  Kyoto Boom is poised to take over in a big way.  You heard it here.   Don’t miss the chance to see these guys.

9:00 p.m.

at Crush Wine Bar:  Sean West and Solefud the Band, plus Epiphany & One Night Stand.  Are you kidding me?  Love these little club sets.  CheckOneTwo has seen Sean West a lot of times, but this will be his breakout solo gig.  A night of crooning and, according to Sean, “church announcements.”  If there’s an altar call, you might just see me rolling down for some salvation.   You might need to get there early for this one, b/c seating is limited.  I also strongly suggest you dress to impress.





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