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Weekend’s Gone, With the Wind… July 28, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Upcoming Shows.
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Man, where’d that weekend go?  For Yours Truly, it was a good weekend of down time.  Thursday:  the return of Dana Falconberry, along with Chris Denny & The Old Soles showing a seriously well-honed and tight set.  Dinner out Friday night, then a little DJ/dance party action at Easy Street.   Saturday was bike buying time, then out to the Riverfront to catch some verrrrrrry hot/sweaty tunes from The Moving Front, The Reds, Rockst*r, and Dre & Jontai doing their one song (with a little of Maxx thrown in at the end). 

On tap tonight–looks like Stickyz may have the only game in town: 

Sticky Fingerz, 10 p.m., $4:  The Evelyns & Frown Pow’r.



1. dirty sean - July 28, 2008

now that’s what i’m talking about, coming with a double punch just as soon as i call you out, bang bang, well played sir

2. glenhooks - July 28, 2008

Cap’n Hooks is back. Consider yourselves warned.

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