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Biiiicycle! Biiiicycle!!!! Biiiiiicycle! July 28, 2008

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Yours Truly has re-joined the ranks of the Two-Wheeled Revolution, and is now the proud owner of a brand-new Electra Townie.  Oooohhhhh, it’s nice.  Perfect for me–I’m not a madcap biker who’s looking to race you, I just wanted a righteous bike to tool around on.  Coaster brake?  Check!

If you’re looking for a cool guy from whom to buy a bike, check out my friend Sam Williamson’s new shop, The Community Bicyclist.  It’s over in the back section of the Tanglewood shopping center, near where Lorenzen Books used to be.  Rad bikes, and Sam’s a super guy.  You should shop there.

So BabySham and I took turns biking around over the weekend, feelin’ free and liberated and all that.  Put me in the mood of counting my happys, you know?  Great sons, great gal, great job, tremendous friends, and now a bike!  I’m grateful for all of you.

Time for some bike songs!  Send me yours–here’s a sample of what comes to mind:

Queen: Bicycle Race AND Fat-Bottomed Girls  “Get on your bikes and ride!”

The Smiths: This Charming Man  ““Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate, will Nature make a man of me yet?”

Cracker:  I Ride My Bike  This is a secret track on 1993’s Kerosene Hat (hands up who doesn’t luuuuuuv this album?  Nobody?  Right on!).  “And I ride my bike, a nd I drive my car.  I drive it all around just to take me back to you….”

Madness:  Riding On My Bike  ” I went riding on my bike….I’ve had my fill of petrol fumes.  Attached myself to big balloons.  And pumped them full of precious air .  The traffic jam looks with despair”

Pink Floyd:  Bike  “I’ve got a bike. You can ride it if you like.  It’s got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good.”

Nazareth:  My White Bicycle   “My white Bicycle, my white Bicycle…Riding all around the street…four o’clock and they’re all asleep…I’m not tired and it’s so late…moving fast everything looks great…”

Melanie:  Brand New Key  “I rode my bicycle past your window last night…I roller skated to your door at daylight…It almost seems like you’re avoiding me…I’m okay alone, but you got something I need”

What else ya got?




1. Turpentine - July 29, 2008

Tomorrow’s White Bicycle….

Technically the same as Nazareth, but it’s the original, way more righteous version.

2. giovanni - August 7, 2008

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