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SPECIAL REQUEST: Attend this event on the 18th July 10, 2008

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I want to see this event jampacked:  Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative (ACAC) “Stanza Extravaganza” open mic night.  Friday, July 18th, 8:30-11:00. 

CheckOneTwo went to one of these at ACAC a while back, and it was an utter blast.  Great funky times for me and the whole crew.  Music, poetry, free-stylin’…the works.  My youngstahs (age 13 and 9) both got up and performed and it was a real cool thing for them.  All ages, and way groovy.

ACAC is just about the coolest thing around.  Please support them.  They do all sorts of really rad events and go out of their way to aim a lot of  ’em at younger folks.  Outside of Vino’s, there really aren’t too many all-ages places around.  Find out more at http://acacarkansas.wordpress.com/





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