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DJ Sets are Weird July 6, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Show Reviews.
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Last night, BabySham and I ventured out to the Rev Room to catch a strange combination of acts.  First up:  The Moving Front, followed by a DJ set by none other than Andy Rourke of The Smiths.  Yes, those Smiths.   Welcome to Little Rock, Andy!  It’s not that nobody’s here…we just wanted to give you plenty of elbow room.  Sheeesh.  If folks don’t come out to see a guy who was in The Smiths, on a Saturday night….well, our town gets the rep it deserves.

TMF did their usual lively set, as lively as it could be in front of virtually no one, perched at the edge of the stage in front of a raised DJ table covered in red fabric.   BabySham commented that she expected a vampire to emerge at some point.  Sadly, that didn’t happen.

I was pretty pleased that the Rev Room seemed to have conquered their sound problem (at least for one night), but not quite as pleased that no one was there to witness it.  Who will believe me when I say that the mix was good, the sound didn’t get trapped in the pit, and that I could actually hear and understand vocals?  “At the Rev Room?  P’shawwww!!”  TMF’s new stuff is getting tighter each week.  Hey fellas:  when’s the new album coming out?

TMF departed the stage, and here came Andy Rourke.  No intro, no greeting to the crowd.  Just a guy with a Mac laptop and a “Hard Rock Cafe–Manchester” t-shirt on.  Music started pumping, but CheckOneTwo wasn’t sure that he’d even started the actual set.  So, in my usual, opportunistic way, I just hopped up on the stage to chat him up, welcome him to Little Rock, etc.  No bells started ringing, no alarms ahh-ooh-gah’ing, no mad rush of security.   He seemed perfectly nice and all that.  So, I met a Smith on my birthday!  Not too shabby.  BabySham went up later, and successfully requested some Joy Division (sadly, he had no Duran Duran or Visage, but BabySham made do).

I guess there are two kinds of DJ sets.  One is a man and his turntables, scratching, mixing, blending, showing off skillz, and all that.   The other–the version from last night–is a guy playing a song off his computer, and then playing another when the first one ends, and then playing another….   It was essentially a guy–a former Smith, yeah, but still–playing selections from his iTunes.  Not a Terminator X type thing, a’tall.  As TMF’s Jeremy Brasher put it, it was Andy Rourke “on the 1s and 0s”.  Strange.  Maybe I can get that gig someday. 

Surprising, also, were the tunes that he chose.  Nice list, but I thought it might be a bit more obscure.  I picked up the following:

The Beatles

Stealers’ Wheel

The La’s

New Young Pony Club (maybe?)

The Killers

The Smiths (Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before)



The Breeders

The Who

The Cure

New Order (maybe?)

The Clash

The Kingstons


Depeche Mode

Joy Division

At any rate, it was an interesting night.  With so few folks in attendance (ahem….), it was seriously like being in my living room with a couple of friends dancing to our favorite tunes.  Odd, but nice. 

Thanks for the birthday show, fellas.  T’was memorable.  Next time, just come on over.





1. AiLien - July 7, 2008

Me & ATM really wanted to be there, but we went camping instead. I would like to mention, however, that I could pretty much say the same thing happened, or DIDN’T happen, for the ettiem/Marky Ramone show. I was a little surprised that a lot more people didn’t attend!
I figured that Marky had enough clout to bring ’em in. NO. It’s probably just as well, though, because all he did was play songs offa his iTunes & asked to see some tits. And the door was $15. Yikes.

Personally, I would’ve preferred to see Andy over Marky.

2. dirty sean - July 7, 2008

guess who else got to meet Andy…. that’s right ME!! and it just happened today about a half hour ago, he’s still in town apparently, and i saw him walking from the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel to Creegan’s, he was wearing a leather jacket in 97 degree heat which i guess makes him a badass, but how did i recognize him you might ask, because he was wearing the very same hard rock cafe manchester shirt that i read you write about, so me being the shirtless driver i am, whipped my car around got out and ran up to him and introduced myself, talked to him for all of about 30 seconds and then ran off, long story short it’s weird seeing 80yr old rockers wearing leather jackets in 97 degree heat

3. glenhooks - July 8, 2008

AiLien: I enjoyed meeting AR, but I might have enjoyed camping more. Did y’all get to meet Marky at least?

DS: I imagine that Andy has never had a more terrifying moment than a half-naked sweaty Arkie squealing to a stop and charging at him in the summer haze. Glastonbury’s got nothing on you.

4. dirty sean - July 8, 2008

hardly anyone i know is as much of a crazy jackass as me, but who the hell is Glastonbury and do i need to challenge him in a game of who is more kick ass? ….side note: missed you at the show monday at stickyz was a good time wish you were there, hopefully i’ll see you on the 19th at white water

5. glenhooks - July 8, 2008

Glastonbury=about 100k muddy Brits wallerin’ around outside in the rain and listening to The Mission and stuff like that. My money’s on you.

6. dirty sean - July 8, 2008

Glastonbury watch out i’m coming at you with seven different kinds of smoke bitches

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