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“Can I Get a Little More Euphonium in My Monitor?” June 26, 2008

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Dude, I’m-a have to run out and pull a con job or something.  The music I heard tonight has irresistibly pulled me into a life of high crimes and misdemeanors. 

Tonight was the debut of ECLIPSE GLASSES, a brand-new five-piece band featuring folks like Andrew Morgan (from Les Attaques, Chinese Girls), Collin Miles (late of The Moving Front), Zach Reeves &  Kyle Carpenter (via Tel Aviv) and Lorenza Harrington (one of the late, lamented Applescruffs).  Think keys, drums, guitar, bass, no vocals…and mad horns!  I’m talking about Harrington playing trumpet AND euphonium, sometimes effortlessly interchanging and playing them in the same song.  The Flag & Banner space was packed with a crowd that was feelin’ it, yours truly included.

CheckOneTwo was pretty much transported directly into a floating mental mix of 70s crime shows and modern glitzy hustle schemes.  This was definitely stellar soundtrack music, the kind that makes you want to go out and create the best movie ever just so you can lay these tracks over your impossible heist job. 

Kudos to the new combination of veteran scenesters.  Mad fun, way too short of a set, and I want to do it again.





1. dirty sean - June 27, 2008

Lorenza Harrington… i haven’t seen him since high school, that’s crazy, wish i would have been there, maybe next time

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