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The Numbers Game June 24, 2008

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Greetings, you landlocked rascals.  CheckOneTwo has just spent the last week in lovely Puerto Rico.  Got my rainforest on in a big way, and was also lucky enough to spend a weekend in San Juan during the San Juan Batista festival.  Lots of fun, sun, and time spent in a Jamaican bar drinking Puerto Rican beer. 

The flight back yesterday was the same as the flight to:  yours truly surrounded by upset young’uns.  It was like being at the Travs game on those Screaming Kids days they have for school groups.  Truly a time to turn up the mp3 player and drown out someone else’s sorrows.   A time, in fact, to wallow in musical minutiae.

A report from the CheckOneTwo mp3 player:  these are the tracks that have a number in the title.  Put them together, and it’s a pretty kick-arse playlist:

Garbage #1 Crush.  From the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack (ahh, I know, get off me, this song is terrific).  Shirley Manson makes me believe she’d sink ships for me. 

Sonic Youth100%, from Dirty.  You know it’s SY right from the opening feedback, and it gets better from there. 

Eileen RoseTwo in One.   From the album Long Shot Novena.  Got to see Eileen Rose open for Frank Black a few years back, and I was immediately sucked in.  Boston chicka, pipes alternating between a soft croon and a rabid bluesy howl.   One of the greatest lines ever:  “I’m gonna take my sugar with lemon on the side….Tell the Angel move on over, the Devil’s gonna ride…..”

BR-549Six Days on the Road.   Great old trucker song remake.  “I’m poppin’ little white pills and my eyyyyyes are open wide….”

Paul Hardcastle19.   You know the one.  “N-n-n-nineteen.  Nineteen.”  One of the first songs I ever heard that used a sampler, and schooled me on important facts about the Vietnam War.  History class, and I could dance to it.

Jem24.  This is a song that I really love, although it may have been used as part of the promo for the Kiefer Sutherland series.  BabySham and I saw Jem at Bonnaroo a while back.  Terrible live set, but this Welsh lass has some great pipes in the studio. 

Lucinda Williams2-Kool 2-be 4-Gotten.  From Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, the album I always listen to while wandering around on Earth Day.  I think it’s because it was the soundtrack from when I opened the Sierra Club office here several years ago.  When Lucinda croons, “Junebuuuuuuug versus hurricane, junebuuuuug versus hurricane,” all is right with the world.

Smoke up Johnny12th Street.  We all know girls like the subject of this song, right?  The little rich girl who slummed around with us for a while, but then eventually ran back to her rich friends?  Sorry babe, but you ain’t gotta heart. 

Blind Melon3 is a Magic Number.  Shannon Hoon & Co. remake the old Schoolhouse Rock tune.  Give it a listen.  I’m pretty sure it was done in one take.

PJ Harvey50 Foot Queenie.   God bless America, this is a great song.  Polly Jean jumps in right over the opening bassline and wails away.  I love how she grows bigger and bigger over the course of the song.  HeyI’mTheKingOfTheWorld!  YouOughttaHearMySong!  ComeOnAndMeasureMe!  I’m FiftyInchesLong!!

Deftones7 Words.  Somebody’s got some serious scream abilities.  This is not the song you want to play while Grandma’s in the car, unless you’re in the will. 

Bow Wow WowC30, C60, C90, Go!  C’mon, lie and tell me you didn’t have a crush on the Bow Wow Wow chick when we were kids.  She had candy, you wanted it, and here it is.  

Silver SwirlySix String Sail.  From the Shannon Yarbrough tribute album, Listen to What I’m Made Of.  I didn’t know Shannon, but this is one of my faves from the album.

The DonnasZero.   Is there anyone better than the Donnas at just making funny three-chords-and-out songs about relationships?  Not for my money.   Dudes get their chops busted in every track, including this one.

The CureWrong Number.  OK, so it doesn’t actually have a number in the title, but close enough.  This song is The Cure in techno mode, with the best-laid plans this side of America.  BabySham loves hearing Robert Smith talking on the phone near the end, all British-y, when he says, “Sorry…wrong numbah…”

QUESTION:  Your favorite song with a number in the title (and why)?



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