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Live Blogging: IAmTheLife.Net Launch (Sort of) June 13, 2008

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Local hip-hop impresario Chane “Epiphany” Morrow is about to soft-launch a new website, entitled “IAmTheLife.net” with a press conference at the Peabody Hotel.  CheckOneTwo is on the scene and will be bringing details to you live as they are announced. 

Also joining the effort are:  Sean West, 607, Suga City (Arkansas Bo & Goines), Carteaire Custom, and DK & Soulja T.  The site will follow each of the acts over time, featuring “a mini mix-tape series (5-7 songs) that can either be streamed through the site or downloaded for free. ”  The site will feature up-to-the-minute information about each “Legend”:  bios, a goal set by each performer, and the obstacles in reaching that goal, along with information about the performer’s news, shows, & events (and an online journal for each). 

Site visitors (Fam Members) can download ringtones, wallpaper, podcasts, and more.

2:10:  Piph stars it off.  Tagline:  “For those who know we’re deeper than music.”  5 years ago, the hip-hop industry was at a stasis.  50 Cent had strong album sales, hip-hop starts becoming dominant as acts like Outkast started winning Grammys and getting widespread acceptance.  Lots of critics hitting on gangsta branding (like 50 Cent being a thug, shot 9 times, etc.)  Plenty of hip-hop magazine dominance (XXL, The Source), but a real lack of indie artist and distributor performance.

2:15:  5 years later:  album sales are dwindling.  Hip-hop is double of music sales in any other genre, but album sales are going down all over.  The money is in increased tour sales and endorsements, less about album sales.   Websites & reality show are coming into dominance now–magazines are fading (Vibe in bankruptcy).  Now the viewer wants to see the artist behind the scenes.  We’re also into an era where artists can produce and distribute their own albums.

2:20:  Piph is touting a new model for the music business.   There’s a new environment.  Musicians have to find a new way to connect with the audience.  Ergo:  IAmTheLIfe.Net.

Targeting the “conscious, computer friendly hip-hop contributor and consumoer who has an affinity towards the underground and the inclusive.”

IATL will follow six “Legends” for eight months, their lives, their goals, their music.  Gives away some things free, has others available for purchase.  A focus on emarketing/eloyalty, building a grassroots success story.   Each of these Legends has their own individual fan base–he’ll market to them, but also to other lists.   Various contests and prizes.  Marketing will not just be online, but also good street team stuff and media. 

2:25:  The content on this site:  a breakdown of each “Legend”.  Each will have a “Pledge” and a “Real” (the obstacles).  The Pledge is a goal set by the Legend to be attained by the end of the run.  607 wants to buy his mom a house, for instance.   Cartiaere Custom’s goal is to get a deal, his obstacle is making rash decisions.  Piph’s Pledge is to release his solo project, the band’s EP.  His obstacle is juggling too much and maybe an overestimation of his own talent.   DK & Souljah T want to get their mixtape out, but the obstacle is “getting caught up in hood politics.” 

2:30:  Every six weeks:  each Legend will have a new, downloadable mixtape.   The site will also have numerous visual aspects–music video, photos, performance video, and the like.

Apparently:  due to technical difficulties, the site will officially launch:  June 25th.  

Why there is a press conference announcing the launch of a website that no one can get to today is beyond me.   Good grief.



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