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Put the Needle on the Record June 12, 2008

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Not to get all fogey on you, but I have a vinyl fetish.

Not in the cheap catsuit kind of way, but in the LP way.  I “might” buy your band’s CD for $10, but “OH YEAH YOU BET I WILL” buy your album for $20, and I’ll probably rip the plastic off and open it right there at the show.  There’s just something about it.  I love the smell of it, I love the heft, I love the feel of it in my hands.  And Jesus Crispy, if your album cover is gatefold, I’m probably yours for good.

Audiophile types like to drone on about how the LP sound is “richer” or “warmer” than that of a CD.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I’m not that guy who spends all day messing with the equalizer in front of his friends, so we can all hear the subtle undernotes.  I don’t really understand what the hell Dolby noise reduction is.  But I’m a fool, an absolute drooling fool, for busting out an LP and dropping a needle.  It’s like some sort of religious rite for me, communion with a big ole platter-sized wafer.

That’s why this past week has been CheckOneTwo’s spiritual journey.  I’ve symbolically made my pilgrimage.  Homey’s been to Mecca.  I’m am now Glen el-Hajj.  The vinyl gods have smiled on me and made it rain like that. 

Blessing #1:  The Wondertwin and I have been favored with a gift of no fewer than six Zeppelin albums, in pristine condition, on down to the covers.  I’m talking about Zep I, II, III, Houses of the Holy, In Through the Out Door…even Coda.  Wondertwin’s first reaction:  “What the hell!?  No Physical Graffiti?  Auggghhh!!”  That’s a chick to hold on to,  right there.

Blessing #2:  WT and I were out for a little drive yesterday and she said “Hey, let’s pop by [SECRET USED RECORD STORE LOCATION] and see if they have anything.  The door was locked, with a note that said “BACK BY 3:30”.  But…sitting outside the door…free for the taking and destined for the dumpster…TWO FULL CRATES OF 45s, from an estate sale and deemed unsaleable. 

T’was truly manna, and I was Moses.  Ohhhhhh….we nabbed ’em.  The owner came back in mid-nab, thanked us for taking them away, and said he’d call me whenever he was clearing out vinyl in the future.  Ehh, come again?  He’ll call me when he’s giving away vinyl?  I wrote down my name and number, but all shaky-like.  Think Dave Chappelle signing for a brick of weed in Half-Baked

This was a treasure trove, my friends.  Conditions ranged from mint to wretched, but there were many gems.  After we went in and bought a couple of LPs just to be neighborly (Elvis Costello:  Armed Forces, Willie Nelson & Family:  Live! Double LP, w/Emmylou Harris AND Johnny Paycheck!), Wondertwin and I took the crates out to inspect over happy hour beers.  Try The Beatles, Hank Sr., Donna Summer, Ray Stevens (The Streak!), Cameo, Marty Robbins (El Paso), Glen Campbell…oh, it’s just too much.

My birthday is July 5, but it appears that the presents came early.   Time for a good ole record party.  Who’s game?






1. dirty sean - June 12, 2008

2 posts in one day!! and one of them about kick ass records, way to go glen you rock and roll…all night..sweet susie. ok you probably didn’t get that reference to kungpow but thats ok. have fun in cuba or wherever you said you were going, i know you’ll drink lots of beer and bang lots of hot mexicocubadomincans

kick ass
dirty sean

2. mikey - June 12, 2008

fuckin fuckity fuck, what an awesome haul! lucky bastard!


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