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“Gimme The Guess Who, Man! They Have the COURAGE to be drunken buffoons, which makes them poetic!” May 28, 2008

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Saturday!  Magic Springs!  THE GUESS WHO!

I know, I know, you’re too cool for The Guess Who.  Whatever.  Tell me you don’t crank it up and roll down the window when the first crunchy chords of “American Woman” come bouncin’ out the radio.  Yes, they’re Canadians singing about Americans, but that’s what helps make it so cool.  Did you know they were the very first Canadian band to have a #1 hit on the U.S. Charts?  It’s true!

Look, man.  The Guess Who!  “No Sugar Tonight!” 

The bad news:  it’s at Magic Springs.  Appears that you have to buy a ticket to the park to get into the show.  Ticket into Magic Springs=$45.99.  HOWEVER, if you buy a season pass for $49.99, you get into the park all summer AND get into all the other shows as well.

Here’s the Magic Springs summer concert lineup.  CheckOneTwo will probably see you on Aug 23 for Morris Day & The Time.  I’ll be the white dude in the front doing the Oak Tree.  As if that narrows it down.





1. flo - June 14, 2008

ALMOST FAMOUS of course !

I didn’t know about their story, being the first canadian band to be #1st on the US Chart, thx for the info!

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