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Bleary O’Leary, Reporting for Duty May 27, 2008

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CheckOneTwo managed to cram two cookouts and three days/nights of Riverfest into a Memorial Day weekend.  My own personal salute to the men and women of our armed forces.  I hope they feel properly saluted.   Holy frijoles, I’m tired.


Epiphany & One Night Stand.  Could this bunch be any tighter?  Sweet Fancy Moses, they put on a ridiculous show Saturday night in the Arkansas Music Tent.  I’m talking about Big Piph, Gina Gee, the whole band, guest spots by Sean West, Rodney Block and Rockst*r…for about an hour and a half in the thick thick heat.  A sweaty show, fo sho, you know, but it was outstanding.  Hats off.  This may be the last year that these guys get small-staged at Riverfest.  Intensely good set.

The Moving Front blew it out on Friday night in the same tent, in even more formidable heat, and played just about every song they have in their repertoire.  I’m tellin’ ya, kids, if you weren’t there you shoulda been.  Old stuff, new stuff, and a big ole pile o’ sweaty folks.  Look out for TMF’s new CD sometime soon.

Kyoto Boom.  4:30, Saturday afternoon, in the steaming grass,after the rain…gotta call that love.  I love these guys, and they did not disappoint.  They had a pretty good crowd of emo-looking kids who were waiting for the next band and got an unexpected treat.  Best moment was when a love-struck mother-daughter act (not 7 and 27, more like 37 and 57) hopped up onstage and nearly assaulted lead singer Scott Cook.  Too much.  Scott, yer a rockstar. 

Also seen at KB:  my new true love.  She was the full hot order in the front row.  Camo shorts?  Check.  Over a bathing suit?  Ubetcha.  Gap-toothed grin?  Uh-huh.  One baby on hip, another tugging at her shorts? Right on.  Tramp stamp peeking out over the shorts!?  YES.  Cig?  Si.  Big ole jug of lemonade?  Flip flops?  Say it ain’t so…it’s SO!  My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun, boyeeee.

ZZ Top.  Yes, CheckOneTwo acquiesced and took CheckOneTwo jr out to see the big show on Sunday night.  An ocean of shirtless dudes and half-shirted gals with babies on hips, Marlboro Reds, and baby bottles full of Coke.  Arkansas, you run deep in me. 

The show was pretty routine, but the crowd was worth the effort.  I also got a bang out of CheckOneTwo jr looking at me and hollerin’ out “LA GRANGE!” when those first few notes rang out. 

Kevin Kerby & Battery, 607, Silverton.  What were these dudes doing way over in BFE, at the extreme end of Riverfest?   These are super-Arkansas acts, that need to be on a bigger stage or in the Arkansas Music Tent.  Please, for the love o’ God, don’t stick ’em over in Siberia.  I caught ’em all, but had to do some serious logistics and hoofin’ to make it.

I needs a weekend to recovers froms my weekend.

See y’all out tonight?




1. dirty sean - May 27, 2008

my favorites were obviously kyoto boom, but i also loved the private riverfest show kevin kerby played for me and pete, i think the best part of shooter was running into mikey hayes and me spilling his budweiser all over some random chick, also huey lewis ROCKED ASS!!! …..that is all i can think of right now

2. T - May 27, 2008

You saw some stuff we didn’t see. So many bands so little time!Check out our Riverfest write up here:


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