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TIVO/ZOMBIE ALERT: The Moving Front…on Daybreak???? May 22, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Lotta Rock News.

This Friday, from 5 a.m.-7 a.m.–The Moving Front will perform 3 songs on KATV Channel 7’s “Daybreak” show.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m not for sure, but I’m guessing that the last time these guys saw 5 a.m. it was at the END of a day, not the beginning.   The TMF guys will be on at this spectacular hour, laying down some love and promoting their Riverfest performance later that same night (9:30–don’t miss it. )  That’s a long day, fo sho.  Come on out to see it if yer up early–down in the River Market, outside, at the Daybreak studios.

We’re just like Zombies, really

Being Half Dead is Hard Work

Being at Work is Being Half Dead

Clock out from the crypt and check out what seriously may be one of the more bizarre moments in early morning TV you’ll see all year.  

TMF, I challenge you to show up in full Zombie makeup.  Don’t wuss out on me.






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