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In Studio With: THE WEISENHEIMERS May 19, 2008

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Saturday, May 17th, 2008

“If there are two things you need to know about this band, it’s that we’re punctual and we have good grammar.”


So saith Mark Wyers, guitarist for The Weisenheimers.  We’re jammed into Wolfman Studios in downtown Little Rock on a Saturday morning, putting the finishing touches on the Arkansas punk-pop band’s self-titled debut.  The rest of the band is needling lead singer/bassist Karle Johnson about a lyric that was deleted for—depending on whom you ask—grammatical reasons or because the rest of the band couldn’t sing the lyric without cracking up.  Or perhaps both.


Grammar aside, punctuality eludes drummer/vocalist Sean Causey, who barrels in 20 minutes late, shirtless, wild-haired and beaming, bearing a few random Budweiser singles and bellowing about a wild night that ended with him chatting up a cholo at Waffle House after sunrise.  While the other band members either have settled into relationships (Mark is married and a new father, while Karle and second guitarist Micah Wyers–Mark’s older brother–are engaged and planning weddings), Causey seems more content to fill the Keith Moon role.  His latest hobby?  Getting people to pose for cell phone pics while wearing Causey’s mullet wig.


Johnson and Causey cut their chops in the now-defunct Josh the Devil and the Sinners (Causey points out that he was the “original Sinner”) and Mark was also briefly a Sinner before being kidnapped away by the Weisenheimers.  Micah joined in the spring of this year to replace a departing guitarist, and the group’s current sound gelled quickly by all accounts. The band’s easy camaraderie is a plus that eludes many bands who’ve been together longer.


Attention deficit disorder may be a prerequisite for hanging around the Weisenheimers.  This morning’s hot topics pinball between Karle’s restaurant job at the Purple Cow, Mark and Sean’s jobs at a local law firm, the merits of Atari 2600 and cell phone games, various female conquests and near-misses, logistics for getting tickets to the upcoming Foxboro Hot Tubs show, and how many times Mark has seen Ted Nugent (for the record:  13 times).   It’s an energetic, towel-snapping punk quartet mostly fueled—at least this morning—by homebaked cookies, water, and Coke Zero. 


“We’re not really a drug band,” says Mark.  “People think that that’s part of the lifestyle, but it’s not really something that we’re into.”  That statement immediately launches Causey into reminiscing about sharing the bill with a touring band recently and being asked afterward to help one member score some of the harder stuff.  “I just kind of laughed at him and said whaaaaaaat??” 


“We’re a punk band,” says Karle after being asked to categorize the band’s sound.   “Maybe a little more power pop or punk-pop than straight up punk, but I’d call us punk.”  The band’s sound is more reminiscent of early Green Day or Ramones—three chords, anthemic choruses, and a good hook—than the sound offered by angrier, more political bands.  Karl’s clear vocals and strong bass lines cut thru the double-guitar attack of the Wyers brothers and Causey’s fierce drumming. 


The Weisenheimers have been working on the album since December, and the eleven tracks are loaded with up-tempo, hooky tracks that pulse with energy.  “Converse” has been a fan favorite at shows and sounds terrific in the studio:


Come on baby put your Converse on

Come on baby put your Converse on

You know that you wanna have some fun so

Come on baby put your Converse on


Other strong tracks include “Bubblegum,” and “Believer,” and the band favorites include “Explode,” “May,” and “Bloodbath.” 


The Weisenheimers is set for a midsummer release on Thick Syrup records. Two tracks (“Converse” and “Bubblegum”) are currently available for a listen at www.myspace.com/theweisenheimers.








1. Mark - May 22, 2008

Wait just a minute. I just now got that. Micah and Karle are engaged to…EACH OTHER!!!!!

2. glenhooks - May 22, 2008

Either that, or sloppy writing on my part.

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