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8 Track Monday, Boyeeeee May 12, 2008

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OK, kiddies, I know some of you don’t remember the glory days like I do.  No seat belts, in the back of your dad’s Chevy Goodtimes Van, bouncing around like pinballs with your sister and trying not to step on all of the 8 tracks scattered around on the floor.  What’s that, you say?  8 track?  Oh, 8 tracks were a huge step forward in technology back in the day.  It let you listen to an album IN THE CAR, man!  Picture a thick rectangle about the size of a healthy-sized pop-tart, jammed into the dashboard and playing Johnny Paycheck songs over and over.

Well, the 8 track was a short-lived medium, giving way to the cassette, then the CD, and now the mp3.  Today’s whippersnappers ain’t down with the 8 track and they’re generally only found as novelty items when the Old Dude Down The Street has a garage sale.   The kids, they don’t know.

Except for Nathan Browningham.  Browningham KNOWS.

Tonight, Sticky Fingerz, 10 p.m.–come on out and help Browningham kick off his new The Dead Media label.  All 8 track!  All the time!  New 8-track release from local loudsters The Crisco Kids!  Yes, you can buy an 8-track of the new Crisco Kids album.  And an 8-track player.  Hell, you can buy a t-shirt.  It’s on tonight–with Stacy Mackey and The Buttons performing w/Crisco Kids. 

Check out The Dead Media’s MySpace site at http://www.myspace.com/thedeadmedia for Browninghams’ vision.  A small taste here:


8 tracks

i remember seeing a pile of 8 tracks at a thrift store back in october of 2006. “wow, i can’t imagine putting any music on those”, i thought. now, in august of 2007, i have 2000 8 tracks, forming little skycraper stacks around our home. my wife loves weaving through the media-hamster-trails i’ve formed. i got to this point because of a $3 8 track cartridge tape recorde,r purchased from a thrift store in december of 2006. after giving the 8 track recorder a good cleaning (which is IMPERATIVE before operation), i recorded some cd music that i like onto an 8 track cartridge. recorded over ol’ glenn miller’s greatest hits, if i do say so. i must have been blown away, since you’re reading this. i was, and thus began my quest for information, and the highest in 8 track technology. from the endless, mind numbing (from your perspective) tidbits, i began to get a picture and timeline of audio recording history. i came to the minority conclusion, that 8 tracks were cheated. vinyl records, reel to reel tape, cassettes, cds, vhs, and now mp3 and beyond all enjoyed, are enjoying, or will enjoy decades of being taken to thier maximum potential as far as highest fidelity and quality goes. not 8 track. almost as soon as things started to develop, the started to slide down hill. production of tapes and players continued, to suit people who had invested in them already, but with a focus of phasing them out in favor of the more compact and portable cassette. after the first 5 or so years, there wasn’t much put into research, development, and quality, because the record companies had decided it was to be…..dead media.


Seriously, this is where you need to be tonight.  Hope to see you out, gettin’ your 8 track on.





1. AiLien - May 13, 2008

Here’s a link to my blog, I’ve posted some photos from last nite’s show:


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