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Tonight in Lotta Rock: Revenge of the AntiHeroes April 17, 2008

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Whitewater Tavern, 10 p.m., $5:  Mad Trucker, Browningham, Oh No It’s Howard (Nashville, TN).

If you like the unusual, the non-rock, the one-man anti-hero show, then tonight’s your night to be at Whitewater.  

Oh No It’s Howard is a one-man electronic noise act out of Nashville, who appears to have a Bert The Muppet fetish.  Check out the tracks at the link above for a taste–esp the “Thundahcats Remix”.

Local man-about-town Nathan Browningham continues the electronica fun with what will undoubtedly be a memorable set of Falsetto Fun.  Browningham brings it like you brought it in your bedroom mirror singing into your hairbrush when Purple Rain came out, except he does it in public and with pants on.  If you haven’t seen Browningham live, cancel your plans and give him a listen.  You’ll either hate him and leave or you’ll be hooked instantly and wish you could grow as cool of a mustache.

And then there’s Mad Trucker, tonight’s headliner.  How to describe Mad Trucker?  He’s one that I haven’t seen before, but I’m hearing reports.   Bespectacled white guy, porkpie hat, rapping like mad over electronica, and making you like it.   I’m told it’s a sight to behold.  So tonight, I’ll be holding it. 

Maybe I’ll see you out?




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