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OK, You Missed It April 15, 2008

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Several years ago, I was the point man in a seven car pile-up on I-67/167.  A few years later, I had a head-on collision at 18th & Main in NLR and totaled my car.  But neither of those scenarios compare to the whiplash neckbreaker showcased last night at Vino’s.

Teenage Bottlerocket.  Are you kidding me?  Good lord!

This was a bullet train of a set, full-throated, lightning-fast, two minute chunks of blazing melodic punk, each song seamlessly seguing into the next, faster track with only a !!ONETWOTHREEFOUR!! from the drummer signaling the separation.  Think early Green Day x The Ramones, with extreme power stances and a whole lotta sweat by song #2.   My neck is sore from a blistering tornadic set that came in under an hour but was well worth getting out for on a Monday night.  Please do yourself a favor and check out TB if you get a chance.  Hell, make SURE you get the chance–the tour continues with shows tonight in Kansas City, Wednesday in Denver, and Thursday in Fort Collins, Co.

Lucky me:  the Copyrights got added back to the bill late (they’d dropped off the tour, but came back on for this, their last show on the TB tour).  Out of Carbondale, IL, the Copyrights are a power pop-punk trio on Red Scare records who drove a looooong way to make the show but hit the stage with their A game flying.  Good show, fellas.  Much love for bringing your new album for sale on vinyl (yes, I bought it).   I also dug guitarist Jeff’s choice of t-shirt for the Arkansas show (he tells me it’s a Detroit band, but for us it means something different): 

Opening act was The Weisenheimers, who gave it their always-fun, always lively punk set.  Great interplay between vocalist/bassist Karle and Mark who apparently plays “awesome/guitar”.   Mark is our town’s School of Rock-era Jack Black, a man who will, indeed, someday, probably sooner rather than later, strip his shirt off and stage dive/face plant into the Vino’s floor.  Hats off to a man who fears NOT the solo.  I especially like the Weisenheimers’ song “Bubble Gum”.

So what were you guys doing last night, watching TV?  Sheesh.  Get out on a Monday night!





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