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A vote for Earlier Shows on Weeknights in Lotta Rock April 15, 2008

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BEFORE                                         AFTER

Dear Lotta Rock clubowners:

I support you.  I drink your beer, come to your shows, bring my friends, and talk up your establishments to out-of-town guests.  Glen is a live music guy.  You know me, I know you, and I feel that it’s time we had a frank discussion about something near and dear to my heart. 

Do you think that we might reach an agreement whereby weeknight shows can start at, say, 8?  I really really really like coming out to shows, but I do actually have a couple of jobs and a couple of kids.  Yours truly gets up at 6 a.m., and I am not the only one.  

Lotta Rock venues are developing a discouraging tradition of advertising shows as starting at 9, but then actually not starting until 10, 10:30, 11.  You know who you are.   This is not OK on a weeknight, man.   I guarantee you that you’ll have more of us come out for shows if you really start a bit earlier.  If I know that a weeknight show will indeed start at 8, I might come out for an hour or two.  If I know it’s not going to start until 10 or 11 on a Tuesday, I–and many others my age–have a much lower likelihood of showing up.

Yes, I know.  Rock is a late night thing.  All night!  Yeah!!  But it’s also about exposing your music to the largest audience possible.   If I’ve gone to late-night shows on Friday and Saturday, the chances of me coming out to do late-night again on Monday is pretty slim.  When I do that, I’m a zombie on Tuesday (see pic above).

Great example:  Vino’s show last night.  Started at 8 on a Monday, had 3 solid bands, ended at 10.  I was home by 10:30 with no problem.  Gotta love that–big love to Samantha and the crew.

Help a brother out?  We’ve got enough zombies in this town, aight? 

QUESTION:  Would you attend more weeknight shows if they started earlier?





1. RebL - April 15, 2008

I sure would. I’m all old and stuff, and need my sleep, and I have to drive home to Conway besides. If the show starts any later than 8, there’s no way I can make it on a weeknight and still be a fully-functioning adult and parent the next day.

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