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Help a Brothah Out, Aight? February 17, 2008

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It’s happened to more than one of us, right?  You get pulled over and get nailed for that court date you missed a while back?  Maybe an old traffic ticket (or five), maybe you pulled the ole “failed to appear” and accumulated the fines plus a live arrest warrant?  Ok, maybe it just happened to me….

OH, and it also happened to Matt Floyd, the kickass bassist for Smoke Up Johnny.  Due to what can only be called a Floydian slip, Matt’s sordid past caught up with him and he’s facing some serious fines that need to be paid before he can leave town with SUJ and The Moving Front’s two-week tour.

How can you help?  Come on out Monday night for Travis McElroy’s weekly Thick Syrup event.  The Bearded One is turning the Monday night fest into a benefit show for the man whose initials (not coincidentally) are MF.   Come on out and keep this bad MF outta jail and on the road where he belongs.

 Not only will you be springing Matt from the joint, you’ll get to hear Kyoto Boom, The Weisenheimers, and The Chicklettes.  Word around the campfire is Pretty Boy Floyd himself may join The Chicklettes for a tune or two.  No word yet whether they’ll bust out with Jailbreak, Jailhouse Rock, or Folsom Prison Blues. 

Stick it to the Man in the easiest way possible.   See y’all there.





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