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Thoughts on Powering Through January 29, 2008

Posted by glenhooks in Lotta Rock News.
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So last night I left Pizza D around 10 and hit the third installment of Thick Syrup’s Monday night local music series at Sticky Fingerz.  Solid, entertaining sets from The Weisenheimers, San Antokyo, and Loch Ness Monster.  Good bands, good setting, but the audience was almost completely gone.  Maybe everybody was still breathless from watching Bush’s last State of the Union speech earlier?  Or sick?  Were all the cool kids somewhere and forgot to tell me?

A tip of the hat to these bands for powering through with almost no crowd support.   The Weisenheimers clearly brought some folks with them (good thinking), but those folks scattered immediately after the set.  San Antokyo is always a treat–I dig the interplay between The Brothers Kerby–but they played to no fewer than 12 people in front and a few more back at the bar.  By the time Loch Ness Monster brought their sludgy scream-of-consciousness selves to the stage, they were preaching to five of us.    To give you an idea of how sparse things were:  Brother Sulac lost his balance and fell off the edge of the stage during a verse and free-fell to the floor.   Give the man some credit.  He didn’t miss a beat, finishing the song from a prone position.

 I’ve never been in a band, but I’ve often wondered how you summon up the gumption to go for it when there’s virtually no one watching .  The answer came last night–these guys aren’t playing for us, they’re playing for themselves.   Why is Kevin Kerby playing topless at midnight in front of almost no one on a Monday night?  Because he wants to.  How can Sulac put on a white lab coat/broken sunglasses and squeeze out an endless river of lyrics when there are no adoring fans hanging on his every nonsensical syllable?  Because it’s way more fun than singing into his hairbrush in the comfort of his bedroom.

Much love to the guys who play for no one, just because they can.

Question:  Who is your favorite local (Arkansas) band?



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