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All this Thick Syrup is giving me Sticky Fingerz, man…. January 28, 2008

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If it’s Monday, it’s time for some Thick Syrup again.  Come on out tonight to Sticky Fingerz for Loch Ness Monster, San Antokyo, and The Weisenheimers.  It’s a 9 p.m. lo-do-show ($4). 

Loch Ness Monster seems to give Sean Sulac (of Hector Faceplant) and Scottish Brian (who’s poured you many a pint at Vino’s) a chance to explore some heavier, darker riffs worthy of the fabled sea serpent, but Hector keeps managing to poke his head out of the sludgy stuff and say hello. 

Betcha 5 Old Styles that San Antokyo brings it hard, fast, and maybe topless tonight.  Watch out for the Kerby boys (Kevin and Josh), Brian, and Bryce to show up with a fun, loose set, maybe written on Josh’s back. 

I haven’t seen The Weisenheimers yet, but their MySpace tunes sound kind of power pop.  Maybe a flexed-out, sped-up Material Issue (and I mean that in a good way.)

 Come on out tonight.  I haven’t seen you in a long time. 





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