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Ohio Comes to Town January 18, 2008

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9 p.m., Whitewater Tavern, $5 

Surely you’re going to be out at the Whitewater Tavern tonight, right?  Do what you have to do.  Juggle the schedule, tuck the kids in, whatever.  Not only is it your 2nd chance in a week to see the how The Moving Front works as a four-man outfit (hint:  it works reallllly well) and Silverton, you get a chance to see headliners Doug McKean and the Stuntmen, featuring former members of GC5  and the WhiskeyHounds (who are now the Magpies)   We get a good mix of Arkansas and Ohio tonight, rock/indie/soul.  I predict much head-bobbing on the staircase.

Look for the headliners to be debuting and working out some new tunes for an upcoming album, some of which you can hear on the band’s MySpace page.   Dave and Doug McKean join up with Chris Yohn on bass and Chris Hanna on organ and piano.   If you caught any of the shows by Roger Hoover and the WhiskeyHounds last year, you know that we’re all in for a treat.   Dave McKean also plays drums for these guys.  In short, we’ll see some familar faces out tonight, but familiar in a good way.  Matty White seems to be all jazzed up for it, if that’s any indication.

Frankly, this looks like the place to be tonight and tomorrow night, when the Ohio boys are joined by openers Seth Baldy and BJ Barham.  See y’all there?





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